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How Do I Miss These Things???

November 1st, 2006 at 01:24 am

How Do I Miss These Things???

Okay, I'm rocking along thinking I'm doing great on the budgeting front when WHAM a realization that I've only been budgeting for six months worth of auto insurance premiums but stretching them over 12 months! Duh!

So, in other words I only have half (312.00) of what I need (624.00) and it's due on 11/30. If I squeak the payment to my agent late in the day on the 30th I might get by with taking some of December's auto-insurance allocation to pay it. Then I've got to save like the dickens to get it together before the end of May when it'll be due again.

I hate screwing up. I especially hate messing up financially.


Today I paid off my October CC charges - of 223.48 which was the October groceries and some Christmas, due on the 9th of November. These were all budgeted and saved for items.

So far scheduled for November payments as they were put on the CC in October after the cutoff date are:

534.00 car warranty mainten. unexpected
380.00 paint planned
25.00 paint planned
626.00 tooth crown - emergency
1565.00 CC - must be paid off as I refuse to carry a balance!

and now try to come up with
312.00 auto insurance - dumb mistake
1877.00 As I said, the E.F. is definitely going to take a hit!! And I think I see mounds of beans and rice in the near future.

OUCH, OUCH and Double OUCH!!!

It's Soooo Rewarding!

November 1st, 2006 at 12:02 am

It's Soooo Rewarding!

Just noting that today I requested online a $20.00 rewards check payout on my Discovercard. They said it will take 5 to 7 days to appear in my checking. Just wanting to note here when it was requested so I can count down the days to see how quick they are.

I bet they don't slow down on drawing my payment out of the checking though! This is the first time I've done an online request for this.

Anticipating money = good feeling as long as it doesn't take too long! I'll log it as inflow when the money clears my account.

Also of note today I made a payment on the mortage of 404.03. Will update on the right when it posts.

Deposited 20.45 today from the October Challenge - a mysterious .07 cents made it into Piggy this month as I only logged 20.38 as income. You gotta love a good mystery!

I spent about 4.00 today out of my allowance as I had already wiped out the October grocery budget and after yesterday's freezer fiasco I needed some hamburger for tonight's dinner and an onion, plus I got myself some Vitamin A&D (1.67) which really helps me along with Vitamin B6 & E to fight off the cold/runny nose/mucus/sore throat thing when it starts to creep up during the winter months. I had run out of A&D and I don't like to head into cold weather without it!

So, at first twinge I dose myself up w/2 B6's, 2A&D, and 2E's. By morning my head is 99% of the time cleared up. If not totally clear then a dose of one of each for the next few days usually zaps any crud that is trying to jump on me!

There you have it - L.L.Frugalis' cold remedy. Anything that gets past those vite-viti-vege-mums requires a dose of the Hot Toddy (hot whiskey, honey and lemon) and some Vicks Vapor Rub to the chest just for the Mom effect.

Go, and cough no more!

Catching Up Update - Up Up I say!

October 31st, 2006 at 12:49 pm

Catching Up Update - Up Up I say!

Sunday was a no spend day. FREE breakfast in Sunday School class. Somebody brought Braum's sausage biscuits which were really good. I had never eaten one before. There were other things such as FREE muffins, FREE coffeecake, and FREE coffee. Hallelujah!

Monday was also a no-cash spend day for me. The Hubster did however make the downpayment on the windows which we'll be paying cash for! No payments, yeah!!

Over the weekend FrugalSon had to make a big car repair expense to his lil' truck, a whopping $2.17 for new fuses so his horn could beep once again.

Yesterday morning The Hubster was looking for his snackcakes (his one big requirement for a happy worklife) and so we trotted down to the basement to the freezer only to find that everything in there was thawing out! Glad we made the visit.

When I returned from my morning errand CashHappySon and I worked on throwing out what needed tossing ($$'s down the drain) and getting the rest into the cooler. Then upstairs to shuffle the refrigerator's freezer to fit in as much as we could.

Ended up cooking some of the meat in the crockpot for the dogs. Nice treats! ...and cooked about three packages of sausage links for the boys.

Those wouldn't fit into the upstairs freezer. They had a nice breakfast and lunch on them and still have some leftover. SIGH! Bad freezer!! We checked and no the breaker hadn't switched off or anything. Boo!

Later The Hubster calls and has me plug it into another socket. Ta-da it works! It is an older freezer that I got from my Mom when she replaced hers.

I'm thinking at this moment in time I'm just going to leave it empty and unplugged unless someone wants to gift me with a side of beef or a hog or something! Saving on electricity.

I just don't think I utilize it as much anymore w/just the four of us at home right now along w/the inconvenient trek to the basement to stock it or retrieve something. If it were upstairs maybe! It's TOO TOO TOO Ugly for upstairs though.

Along with that is the car maintenance that The Hubster had done yesterday. I sent him in to get his scheduled oil change only to discover that it is time to do the 30,000 mile maintenance in order to keep his warranty in place.

This little bit of sunshine cost us $534.00 on the CC!! Jeepers! November is looking slimmer and slimmer as we also had his $626 crown thingy earlier this month that went on the CC!

The E.F. is definitely taking a hit, as there is no way I can cover all that out of current income and still be able to eat and have utilities, much less have gasoline for work commute!!

Okay Lord, I need a lot less money going down the drain and much more money coming up out of the drains! Up Up I say! And again I say UP!!

Santa I've Been A Very Good Girl

October 30th, 2006 at 11:09 pm

Santa I've Been A Very Good Girl

The window man is here measuring as we are getting new insulated windows in the top story of my house. It will be about 6 weeks before they can install but I'm excited as I think Santa is going to be extra good to me this year and will be doing my whole top floor (11 windows) instead of just the five windows we thought we were going to do!

YEAH SANTA!! I think we'll have a snuggly Christmas this year! On the outflow side today is a deposit of half for $2490. Not bad.

Free Supper and Good News

October 30th, 2006 at 02:58 pm

Free Supper and Good News

Saturday night we went to our Sunday School Class's fall fellowship cookout where we had a lovely time and FREE food! Gotta love free food. We went at the last minute and because of that didn't have time to bake or even stop to add anything to contribute to the meal.

Not our norm.

However, I don't feel in the slightest guilty over it as for years we were the ones to host the entire dealy-who, footing the bill for the meat, buns, drinks and decorations.

The party made Saturday a no-spend day.

Great burgers and a good time. It was hosted by a couple who are nearing retirement like ourselves. They have been in their current home 29 years.

They recently went out house-hunting to see about downsizing, etc. However, prices in our area have risen so much so that they decided to stay put and do a remodel instead. She had a fabulous new kitchen!

I enjoyed showing The Hubster that new kitchen countertops wouldn't have to be all that more expensive than just replacing like for like our old laminate counters.

She said the expense was only about 500.00 more for what they got which looks much like granite. Very nice. We just aren't THERE yet in our decisions on our house.

Good news was the husband in this situation owns his own business and is giving CashHappySon a job that should start in two weeks.

This is a grown-up job that will give the kiddo a skill that he can always use in life and while maybe not lavishly - with it, he could support a family. We are thrilled!

Bank Run - October 28, 2006

October 28th, 2006 at 05:22 pm

Bank Run - October 28, 2006

Today's bank run was all in change.

6.42 balance
2.44 10/28
8.86 Oct MTD

When depositing FrugalSon's check the teller again made an error in the bank's favor of $100.00. This is about the gazillioneth time. Okay maybe 7 or 8. Will have to talk to the manager some time. It seems it's at the one branch, but not the other!

I also agree with Tina!!

October 28th, 2006 at 04:02 pm

I Also Agree With Tina

Right Tina, you should blog about Starbucks more often!

hahahaahhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Let us see where this takes us!

Starting hits 14,262

I am decidely not a coffee snob. I paid $1.00 a brick for the last coffee I bought and I bought all the scratch n' dent store had on hand that day! Hot and brown and I'm okay as long as there's loads of sugar & creamer on hand to dull it.

The January Effect: Volatility & VooDoo

October 27th, 2006 at 10:13 pm

The January Effect: Volatility & VooDoo

Okay, I was clicking, click, click when I ran in to this website which has a great article on The January Effect. Thought you guys might be interested since this in / out timing of the market was just recently being discussed on the forum. Neat historical chart.

Text is
and Link is

Once there click under Volatility and Voodoo to find the article.

For the House - October Challenge Met

October 27th, 2006 at 05:20 pm

For The House-October Challenge Met

FrugalSon came up with .61 to add to the $20 Challenge. "For the house, Mom!" Thanks kiddo!

Yesterday I found a penny while I was out taking the last lap of my bean breaks (all five done yesterday as well, and two down today!) How did I step over that penny the other 9 times yesterday? I live on a road that gets about zero foot traffic and very very little road traffic!!

19.76 balance
+0.01 walk penny
+0.61 For the House
20.38 Oct MTD

Cummulative Total $70.47

The Bean Strategy

October 26th, 2006 at 02:35 pm

The Bean Strategy

Yes, I met my goal yesterday and have been out already once this morning!

The Bean Strategy is working. Five beans migrated from one pocket to the other yesterday as the laps were taken.

Last night my leg did ache while watching TV, but when I went to bed I never noticed it. Of course, I fell fast asleep soon after head hitting pillow, which we might attribute to the extra exercise yesterday. Anyway, I did not toss and turn trying to get the leg comfortable so at least for the one day we shall deem the experiment a success.

I slept all thru the night which is quite unusual. Sleeping beauty!

Of course, I was dreaming about you!!

3 Beans Down, 2 to Go!

October 25th, 2006 at 08:01 pm

3 Beans Down, 2 to Go!

Toot! Toot!!

I've been having a bit of trouble in the last few months with circulation in my right leg. Not sure what the problem is - seems minor at the moment. But it is enough to be noticeable. Enough to make me think I need to get more mobile.

Last night I was reading two separate books written years apart about 2 different subjects and they both have this method listed as a way to get things done.

Putting beans in your pocket.

The strategy was listed in one book as a method for salesmen to make a bunch of sales calls every day.

With the two mentions I kind of felt like it was a sign. Now you have to know first that I read A LOT. Always have. I have never read this strategy before anywhere! So to have two mentions come up at the time I'm stressing over my leg aching seemed important.

At any rate this morning I put five beans in my right hand pants pocket. I've walked 3 separate times for about 7 minutes apiece. The 7 minutes is just an easy trek around the neighborhood to a point and back to the house. Nothing magical in the number. I just have had a goal to walk everyday for a long time. I never seem to get it done, maybe because it seems an all or nothing kind of deal like a 30 minute walk.

So anyway, I've been out and down three laps and even though it is rainy & drizzly here I've found it easy to do.

Take a mini walk - move a bean!

We'll see if it lasts. Unless we have a major downpour I'll get the other two laps done before bedtime tonight. I need to keep moving on that leg before things go from not so bad to worse!

Anyway, you guys might want to think of someway to use the magical fruit bean strategy to help you accomplish some goals.

What is the color of the music in your life?? What beat will you march to? Toot free!

Sticking Back Right Now

October 25th, 2006 at 04:29 pm

Sticking Back Right Now

I'm taking $7.00 out of my wallet right NOW and feeding it to Piggy for the $20 Challenge. No way do I want to miss the mark on meeting the challenge. Surely the rest will come in by the 31st.

12.76 balance
+7.00 NOW
19.76 Oct MTD

Cummulative Total $69.85

Hey Big Spender - How Consoling!!

October 24th, 2006 at 07:14 pm

Hey Big Spender - How Consoling!!

The Hubster gave me a quarter out of his console this morning when I told him the month was near to closing out and it looked like I might not meet my challenge this month.

What a trooper!

12.51 balance
+0.25 console
12.76 Oct MTD

Cummulative Total $62.85