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Running to Close Out Feb Challenge

March 1st, 2008 at 01:47 am

Running to get the last of my February $20 Challenge in the pot.


$011.13 balance
+011.41 wallet & purse cleanout
$022.54 Feb Total

2008 Challenge Total $054.44
Cumulative Challenge Total $583.05

Lots of running around this afternoon to get him to pick up paycheck, take a typing test, and then back to pick up different uniform. What for?? Okay the specialty hospital is out and another different location for CashHappySon to work - this time he's assigned for a cable TVish satelitte-y type place at a $1.50 hour raise. Finally some good news for the little bugger!

I Survived a 4 1/2 hour Shift + Challenge $s

February 29th, 2008 at 04:54 pm

I survived working for 4 1/2 hours yesterday. Nice to know I can still answer a phone and copy papers and sort paperwork and stuff envelopes. Big Grin

What was hard??? Not cleaning up the lady's work area. It was the tee-total pits! I had to sit on my hands not to throw obvious trash away and straighten stacks of papers. Auuughhhhh!!

While the phones were quiet I did get various checkbooks balanced - FIL's estate checking, Hubster's & his deceased Dad's joint account, our joint account and my account! Phew! The first two will shortly be closed out and this is one old bookkeeper who'll be glad of it!

I also got to read some on some AARP magz that had been piling up and some in "Lies About Money" by ?Ric/Rick? Edelman. Looks to be some really insightful and well researched information in there about the mutual fund industry and all the scandals associated with them. I didn't get to all of it but evidently he offers some suggestions for other investments aside from the normal run of the mill mutual fund.

Cleaning out the coin-purse this a.m. finds $1.78 + 1 cent which is a wheatpenny. I save them. Don't know what for, but I do, so that'll go in the wheatpenny jar. The $1.78 is going to the challenge!

$009.35 balance
+001.78 coinpurse minus wheatpenny
$011.13 FEB MTD

2008 Challenge Total $043.03
Cumulative Challenge Total $571.64

Later in the day I'll get to the wallet and cleanout what's in there for the rest of February's challenge. Should reach at least $20 by later today. Wish it was more but all the extra OTC meds & juice & kleenex this month has us nigh on to tapped out!

Meantimes I'm hauling a-foot CashHappySon into his work for a three hour shift to cover another worker who has a doctor's appointment. SIGH!!!

There is no one else to do it as all of the other security guards have quit this company because they lost their contract at his regular post. All the other security guards there hired on at the security company who got the new contract. CashHappySon got a call yesterday afternoon giving him a dollar an hour raise and a new posting. One that his Momma is pleased as punch to hear about.

This is to be at a quiet resort like specialty hospital.

It's only about a mile closer to home BUT, and it's a big BUT - there is no bar/lounge in this facility, so no drunks for him to toss out, no bank so not as much a chance for a robbery, and the parking lot is smaller so possibly not as many car break-ins to investigate nor as many hookers walking the parkinng lot, no hotel rooms for him to have to walk blindly into when there's a problem.

Also, there aren't two apartment complexes next door for spill-over domestic abuse problems, etc., etc., etc.

All you other Mommas out there can heave a big ol'sigh of relief with me on this one, right?? Thank You Lord for answered prayers!!

He worked 11-7 last night and is catching a cat nap now. After his three hour shift today at his current post we're going to go pickup his paycheck and get the new schedule for his new posting! Hopefully they don't have him scheduled for there tonight as the new hours will be 6pm to 6am for four days a week, so that will be different. 42 hours a week at a dollar more per hour as opposed to 40 hours at the old post.

Back at the autorepair shop his newest Toyota is getting a rebuilt motor put into it and a LOT of other stuff that needed fixing as well! Should be ready by middle of next week.

In the midst of all that back in our little town I've got to take FrugalSon to work at 1 o'clock, because, remember - he can't pass his parallel parking exam and with all the drama going on between me being sick and CashHappySon's car troubles we haven't been able to get to scheduling FrugalSon for driving lessons to get that handled. But we ARE going to do it. I can't be driving people around forever!

Why??? Because the Old Gray Mare ain't what she used to be!!!

Off to Volunteer Work This A.M.

February 28th, 2008 at 01:57 pm

Photo: Dana Carvey as Church Lady

On Sunday our church bulletin asked for volunteers to fill in when our office ladies go on vacation or are out sick. I volunteered myself, saying that I was contemplating going back to work sometime soon, but if they needed me before then I would be available. I was told I would be put on 'the list' w/others.

My thinking on this is two-fold:

1)I need to practice my office skills once again, as I've been out of the workplace for 20 years, give or take. And it will help fill in some of the gaps between other volunteer things I've done and now.

2)The financial secretary at the church is close to retirement and w/my accounting background I am qualified to do her job, and already know how to use the accounting software they are currently using. So, I'm thinking it won't hurt to have my foot already in the door, yes??

Bad part, my filling in is unpaid volunteer work. Our church had a recent crisis and financial times there are hard at the moment, so they can't really afford to pay anyone else plus pay the ladies their vacation or sick pay. We are between pastors and have an interim (fill-in) pastor for now.

However, supposedly filling in is only going to be here and there. I guess either no one else was on the list or I was the first pick, or they called everyone else on the list and I was the only one available????

Today I am going in because our head deacon's father passed away and the entire office staff is going to ride the church bus and go to the funeral in a town about an hour away. So, I'll be there till about 2 this afternoon.

I already sent a sympathy card to the family and wasn't planning on attending the funeral.

Today, supposedly all I'll be doing is answering the phones. So, after checking with the office manager - I'm taking some financial books I checked out of the library earlier this week and our checking account statements and plan on reading and/or balancing accounts if the phones are quiet.

For recent newbies - this is the same church that my FrugalSon used to work at in the mornings and he got laid off at the time of the crisis because of financial constraints.

Gotta go pack my lunch!

WATCH- How People World Over Count Cash

February 27th, 2008 at 06:06 pm

I learn something new every day!!

Text is
and Link is

Who knew there were this many different ways to count cash?


$008.95 balance
+000.40 change on keyboard
$009.35 Feb MTD

2008 Challenge Total $041.25
Cumulative Challenge Total $569.86

We Have A Contract on FIL's house

February 26th, 2008 at 07:18 pm

On 2/21 night we got an offer on FIL's house. As mentioned here previously Hubster is the Personal Representative for the estate (what used to be called an Executor).

The offer on the 21st was a little too low for what we needed to get out of the house, by about four thousand dollars.

Thus, we made a counter-offer on the morning of the 22nd that was in line w/the pre-approved loan amount the people got and with some concessions to them, but will let us walk away w/what we need to get our money back out of the house that we've put in for repairs and updates and hopefully let Hubster's siblings get a four or five thousand apiece inheritance (before the charge-off of the prices on the estate furniture they bid on and won) and PLUS, one brother bought a car from the estate against his future inheritance so that will come off of his portion and another brother bought OUR car w/his portion so we'll get paid back for that car.

Even with all that it will still let the house-buyer have a few wins on what they asked for.

The house sits in a horrid neighborhood, so we've only had a few lookie-loos.

Hubster's Dad passed in November 2005 and we've been carrying all the expenses for the funeral, lawyers, repairing, updating the house and keeping it insured, taxes paid, and utilities on since then out of our personal budget.

While his Dad had some insurance that we did receive, with just one of us working full time it's still been taxing us!

We called for prayer from family and friends that they'd accept our counter-offer. We were trying for a win/win here. It is a well maintained home that was a one-owner since it was built in the early 1950's.

And Hubster deserves not to have to worry about it anymore!!! Or to have to mow the lawn, etc., this summer.

This morning 2/26 we got a call from our realtor that we have a deal and then later this morning we got emailed a copy of the signed contract so I feel a little more comfortable telling you about it.

The closing is set for late March of course. Also good news is that the buyer is already pre-approved for the purchase price and so we are hopefully soon set. The Hubster has a couple of minor repairs still to make since a window & fence was damaged in the ice storm but they are relatively easy fixes.

So, thank you Jesus for a sale and thank you friends, family, blogites, for all your support through this trying time. Keep your fingers crossed and prayers up that the inspection process and closing goes smoothly!

YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! YEEEE-HAWWWW - for us this means that the approximately $22,500 +/- a few dollars that we've laid out will soon be winging it's way back into our accounts, plus the Hubster's inherited portion of the proceeds, plus the portion for our old car, and then we can get the sibs their monies and wrap the estate up.

Hubster refuses to ding the estate for the interest we've lost on that money, but as I told you before, he's one of the good guys. I personally would get our interest back, but that's me, I'm more about business transactions being conducted fairly for EVERYONE.

The kids (5 of them) have had time to grieve their parents passing and are ready to relinquish the old home place.
Hopefully it's just what the buyers want and will make them a good home.

We are thrilled about the house selling.

Thank You Jesus, Thank You Jesus!!!

I'm absolutely thrilled I tell ya!!

It's Time for THE Talk...

February 25th, 2008 at 04:41 pm

No, not the sex talk...

The 40/70 Rule Talk, that is...

Time to talk to our parents about their finances, driving, future lifestyle choices, end of life health care, wills and deposit boxes, etc.

The '40-70 Rule' means that if we are 40+, or our parents are 70+, it's time to start the conversation about some of these difficult topics.

Or, if we are the older parent, here's a place to get topic starters for THE talk w/your boomer children:

To receive a FREE copy of The 40-70 Rule: A Guide to Conversation Starters for Boomers and Their Senior Loved Ones or to learn more about 40-70 rule program, visit

Text is and Link is

Have that talk soon...

Wicker Chair for the Junque Booth

February 23rd, 2008 at 02:27 pm

Here's a photo of one of the chairs I bought this week at a nearby auction house that has online auctions as well as local nighttime antique auctions.

I paid $22 for this chair plus it's portion of the state sales tax for the entire lot of things I bought is at $2.00. So I'm in for $24.00.

It does have a couple of small issues at the foot level as does most used wicker.

I'm going to list it for sale at $42.50 and take it along with some other items over to the junque booth probably later this afternoon when CashHappySon is awake to go with me.

So here's how it will shake down when and if it sells:

-24.00 price & tax
-04.25 store owner's 10% cut
$14.25 profit

...or less. There was a bit of gas usage to go pick the lot of 3 chairs I purchased up but we (FrugalSon & I) did our grocery shopping at Aldi's while we were right there nearby (about 5 city blocks) and of course there is a small percentage of each sale that goes toward the booth rental & advertising itself.

So, I'll probably actually clear right about $12 on it. It's not necessarily about making a lot of money on each item, but having an ecclectic mixture of new & coolio items in the booth itself is somewhat important to draw people into my booth to shop. Right now I've got sooooo much stuff of inlaws in the basement that needs to be sold that I'm not doing a lot of buying for resell. Of course, there is some kind of resell license thingawhichy which I could get that would eliminate me paying tax on the items I purchase but I've yet to get it.

If this chair doesn't sell as is after a few months, I will pull it back to the house and spray paint it an antique white and then bump the price up just a bit to cover my labor. I already have a boatload of the paint in the basement from FIL's estate.

Wish me luck!

My Dog is Worried About the Economy

February 22nd, 2008 at 03:00 pm

Photocredit: by Daphne

"My dog is worried about the economy because Alpo is up to $3.00 a can. That's almost $21.00 in dog money." -Joe Weinstein

Backtracking - Even More of the Saga

February 21st, 2008 at 09:46 pm

Okay when last we left off, I'd told you that CashHappySon had managed to rid himself of the two old cars and had bought a 1993 Toyota Tercel w/83K miles on it for $2250. He drove it home from the dealer and to work that night and on the way home the next morning he called the house w/the oil light on and the rods a'knocking! GAAAAAAAAA!

I went and picked him up, bought oil and then I drove the car the next mile over to the car repair shop that we frequent. News is that he is going to have buy another motor and have it installed! The kid can't catch a break!

Meanwhile, Hubster and I have been driving him 30 minutes over to work late at night and picking him up early in the mornings. Now that I've got the crud that the Doc says I need to stay out of the cold wet night/morning air and so Hubster has been doing it all! Poor man!

We're currently shopping for a used or rebuilt motor to put in it. Hubster is calling the place where we bought the car (as is-no warranty) to report to them what's happened. Doubt they offer to assist in any way but they do need to know what happened.

Last week we had FrugalSon's radiator repaired and today when we dropped him at work noticed the coolant leaking out so it's back at the shop this afternoon too!

When it rains it pours!

Marking Up Garage Sale FIND!

February 21st, 2008 at 05:19 pm

Life's been busy. Went to see my Mom this week about 2 hours away. Collected money from my booth that is in her town and took a couple of boxes full of holiday items out of it and restocked w/one big box full of goodies taken from my other booth nearby me. This gives me a place to rotate items. I also pulled a couple of dolls out of the southern most booth #2 to put in #1 that had never been in booth #1.

Usually I go from booth #1 to booth #2 and then if after a while things don't move I then go ahead and donate them to our local women's shelter. They have a couple of garage sales a year to raise money.

This way I feel as if I've made an honest effort to get $$s for the items, but if they don't sell after a reasonable amount of time I become more comfortable with donating them.

I also won a few items from a local auction house this week, 3 chairs that I plan to resell. Also we went to a local auction the other night. Took FrugalSon and TheGrrl and a single lady from my SS class. We had a nice evening and I won most of the things I bid on which I will resell.

I'm going to include pic in this entry of the very nicely framed Indian painting that I bought at a garage sale late last year. The glass was broken on the picture so I paid $5.00 for it. My husband got the glass replaced for me for FREE. You may not be able to tell from the picture but it is quite large - sofa wall size. We took it over to the booth #1 on Saturday - listed for $250.00. If it doesn't sell at that price w/i a year, then I'll mark it down considerably and see what happens. Wish me luck!

I had to also go back this week to the clinic for a third time this month - now I have a cold and still the virus/stomach flu bug hangs on. GRRR! I'm ready to be well!!

Was told this time that there is no co-pay on my insurance for office visits. Not sure that is true, but it appears to be true for that clinic at least! Okay, I can live with that.

Frustrating the process is that this is the first year Hubster and I have signed up for the HSA at his work, which is supposed to have some kind of card with it, but there have been repeated mixups on the mailouts of the cards. I don't have a card YET, but supposedly there is some method for getting $$'s out refunded. This round of 4 scrips was in the $70 range. OUCH!! But that was a considerable savings off what it would have been w/o the insurance!

CashHappySon gave me 60 cents in dimes to add to the $20 Challenge.

$008.35 balance
+000.60 in dimes
$008.95 Feb MTD

2008 Challenge Total $040.85
Cumulative Challenge Total $569.46

Backtracking - More CashHappy Saga

February 18th, 2008 at 01:58 pm

Still trying to backtrack and capture what all happened in the last couple of weeks w/CashHappySon's Car Saga - these are captured notes from an email to a friend...

Lux's Semi Fast Car Sales -

"Youngest child sold the 89 Mercury that the backend's about to go out on last night (2/12) - $900 cash in - paid us back for the 94 Toyota with remaining new balance due $74.72 on that one that he no longer has.

We car shopped the bottom price point on Monday (2/11) and ended up pushing two of them off the street. Uhhhm, no thanks!! On the 12th we loaned him an additional $2250 to buy a 1993 Toyota Tercel w/83K miles on it.

The Lord blessed him with two willing buyers quickly - totalled Toyota and the Merc gone!! YEAH LORD!!! We had found a salvage that will sell the buyer a rear-end for the Mercury car for $100 bucks, so if that guy can get someone to put it in for him cheap, & fix an oil leak, he'll have a good car w/low low miles (less than 28K original).

So we started the week with 2 other cars and are ending it with just one that is drivable - FOR NOW. Hope the kid is learning something because Mom is tired of car shopping & car selling!

I have officially made my last car loan to my children, unless they get married and need something to drive a baby to the doctor in they can just forgedaboudit!! But, I'm not telling them that! Smile And even then? Probably not. I'll just send a taxi or go myself.

The Lord blessed me yesterday (2/12) as well. I have a relative, an older female who when she was in her early 60's married a 96 year old multi-millionaire. He has since passed away, and she's remarried, but evidently she spends a great deal of time clothes shopping.

We took my Dad a load of wood yesterday and I came home with the entire back end of my truck filled with those giant 31 gallon plastic storage containers full of clothes from her, about 20 of those big BIG boxes full of NEW high-end clothes. I am spending my time this morning trying on clothes. Thankfully I carry rope behind my seat! Yeah for a girl truck!!

Miraculously they are almost all fitting. With curves you usually get clothes that fit one spot but not the others. I can normally try on 50 pairs of pants and find only one that fits w/o being alterted. This morning I've already tried on about 20 pairs and all but two pairs have fit and they are too short.

There are probably 90-100 pairs of dress pants here, 20 or so pair of jeans, 4 or 5 dresses, 4 skirts, 4 coats, about 25 blazers, 20-30 sweaters, 30 or 40 blouses, 3 pant suits, plus a few casual outfits as well. What doesn't fit is going to _______ Women's Shelter. That and most of the sweaters as I'm too hot natured to wear them very often. But, I think the Lord is fixing to send me back to work somewhere full time in an office. Otherwise there is no need for me to have this much stuff!

I'm going to have to find a couple of clothes racks to buy to fit all this stuff on as my closet will not hold any of it. I do not particularly like to go clothes shopping - so it's very VERY nice. I personally think she dials QVC & Home Shopping Network a bit too often!! But I'm very grateful for all the FREE FREE FREE beautiful nice things. Seems she has good taste. Not everything is 'me' but I can put it to good use.

Thank you Jesus!! The cup - It truly does runneth over!"

But WAIT there's still more on the car saga!!!! Just so you guys know - Mom tried to be the voice of reason and kept saying why don't we just fix the 89 Mercury but of course being a teen he wanted something sportier and Dad thought since he'd run the oil low on it a couple of times that he'd probably done some damage that would result in serious consequences later. I'm no car expert but I'd of fixed what we had and kept it. It did take a bit of a while for the Mercury to sell w/it's problems advertised.

Quada! - A Blessed & Relaxed Sunday!

February 17th, 2008 at 01:20 pm

Adding the quarter from earlier in the week that I drove around in the movie parking lot to stop and pickup. Money is money folks and it does add up. Smile


$008.10 balance
+000.25 quada from the lot
$008.35 Feb MTD

2008 Challenge Total $40.25
Cumulative Challenge Total $568.86

Last night was Valentine's dinner at the BBQ/steakhouse with our SS class - $23.98 which included the gratuity for Hubster and I to both have a very nice juicy GOOD steak and taters and pop.

A nice time visiting w/class members - I've had to miss SS class for the last three weeks because of being sick, so it was nice to get to go out, sit and visit. Hubster and kids have been attending w/o me.

I was seated at the end of the table across from two single guys - one who is going thru a divorce w/2 kids and another who is long divorced w/2 kids. I did my best to keep up the ol' conversational ball and ask them about their lives. I remember those days when I was single and going to events w/couples - it can be sucky! Hopefully they weren't too bored talking about themselves!! Big Grin

After coming home and commenting here on the blogs I went to bed early to read and let dinner digest - it was just enough - not overstuffed like you sometimes get - but just right. On the reading bedside table is: "Your Money or Your Life" by Dominquez. I'm re-reading it again for about the fourth time trying to get into doing ALL THE STEPS to see what I've missed that could be helpful in the ol' monetary quest.

And, "Daring To Be Yourself" by Alexandra Stoddard which points you towards living a life of graciousness and niceities and joy and such. Noting the small things and taking pleasure in them. Nice to be reminded to take time to smell those roses and to enjoy your home and to pick a lifestyle and creating a refuge and peaceful home that is pleasing, warm and loving to you and your family & inviting and welcoming to your friends and guests!

While I was sick I re-read a bunch of my Paul E. Erdman books. If you like money and reading then I think you'd enjoy most any of his fiction books.

I'm up early by myself this morning, having coffee w/the pupster dogs and reading some and blogging here. Off to get ready for church. Still soggy and rainy here. Spent $5 this week having Miss Sweet Black Toffee's toenails clipped. CashHappySon paid $5 for Miss Carmelita Corn to get hers done. It was one of the smoother easy-going times we've had together this month!

Lunch will be Yummy Steak -a chicken fry steak meat w/brown gravy and onion soup mix cooked in the crocko'pot, baked potatoes (foil slipped tightly over the top of the crock & small tates forked and slipped on it, domed lid on tight), green salad, iced tea and cherry cake for dessert.

Hope everyone has a blessed and relaxed Sunday. Enjoy yourself and love on your peoples!!

How about you - do you re-read books?

When it asks you to do literal steps do you sometimes do like me and just skip them thinking they don't apply?

The "Your Money or Your Life" book is a good one to re-read as there is much I missed and/or forgot/forget!! Good to be reminded!

I am going to try to actually do ALL the steps they suggest.

Have you read this book and done the steps?

FrugalSon Finds Himself a Change Agent

February 16th, 2008 at 08:16 pm

Wet, rainy, gray, cold, ooooky day here. I've been washing some old dishware and collectibles and getting them priced to go to the junque' booth this afternoon. We'll be over in that town later because we are going out for our Sunday School class's Valentine's Dinner at a BBQ place.

THE Sweet Hubster & I are grouping our errands w/love munchies. Normally I would go over early on a Saturday morning - 15 minutes over and 15 back as it's in the next small burg over. I usually try to make it at least once a week. This will work, he rarely ever gets to visit the junque booth, so it's good for him to be reminded that I've got it and for the owner over there to know who he is in case he ever has to go pickup money or stuff or whatever.

FrugalSon gave me $1.51 in coins to go to the challenge. This is the son who usually squeaks his pennies HARD, so it's always a surprise when he forgoes money in his own pocket. He was cleaning up his room and found it.

CashHappySon acting the jerk today and is now stationed down in his hidey-hole apartment in the basement. Dad gave him the riot-act today instead of just Mom. God love him - the boy needs help and me patience and loving firmness to deal with him!!

I'm self-coloring my hair as I type and saving myself some hairdresser cost. Lady Clairol somethingorother normally costs me $2 + tax at the local dollar type store and I got this cheaper because I had a coupon.


$006.59 balance
+001.51 change agent
$008.10 Feb MTD

2008 Challenge Total $40.00
Cumulative Challenge Total $568.61

Backtracking - The Saga Continues-Part 3

February 16th, 2008 at 02:52 am

Mom Taxi

I'm recording here events of the last week or so for posterity & my faulty memory's sake - below are excerpts from email to a friend:

"CashHappySon sold his totalled Camry yesterday afternoon(2/7) to a salvage for $250.

It cost him 112.95 to get it released out of the wrecker place. And me four trips to the wrecker yard. First time was to take the autobody guy over and then take him back to his shop - wrecked Toyota Camry not worth fixing - something to do w/the suspension and it would never drive straight again. Besides which it was a $700 car to begin with.

Second trip was to go get car released from wrecker service after he found a buyer.

CashHappySon forgot his title papers after me telling him to pick them up, so third trip was backover to wrecker to get car released w/the papers and then later in the day a fourth trip to meet the salvage people - a forty-five minute wait. Then another trip to _______ (metro) to get a signature on some paperwork.

No fun. No fun."


But wait - it gets even more involved!!

More to come on that front but we pause here to add .13 to the $20 Challenge that CashHappySon gave me.


$006.46 balance
+000.13 weary Mom taxi tip
$006.59 Feb MTD (notice the extra zero's placeholding out front - that is my slightly prophetic notion that I'm shooting for this year - can't hit it if I don't aim for it, eh? Hope to roll it over to the thousands place though!)

2008 Challenge Total $038.49
Cumulative Challenge Total $567.10

Backtracking - Part 2 - The Saga Continues

February 15th, 2008 at 10:35 pm

On 7 February a friend wrote me:

"Your youngest child is even trying MY patience! Any remorse on his part? Does he expect you guys to buy him another one? Sigh"

I replied:

"trying your patience...

As he is mine!

Amen. Amen. Amen!! and the Lord knows, I don't have much to begin with! Big Grin

Remorse? No. None that is discernible. On to the next thing.

Expect us to BUY him another one? Not if he has any contact with reality. We bought the other one (Toyota Camry) on the 7th of January. Loaned him $700 on it, plus the bearings went out and he had to borrow another 300 or so to fix that and get a couple of tires and get them put on. It didn't last a month, which is rather a bit longer than I had predicted it would last. Oh well, the payment $100 to Dad still has to be made today. Hard to pay for something you no longer have I would think.

I do not relish saviour mode. There is always another excuse and always ALWAYS it was the other guy's fault. Although I've told him repeatedly not to take that road but to use Hwy #** to go to and from work especially during the winter months. But what do I know? Apparently nothing.

We are meeting a friend who has an autobody shop here this afternoon (7th)at the wrecker service to see if there is any hope for the car, but I'm thinking probably not as I saw them tow it past me as I went to get him - and then it'll be him making calls to salvage yards to see who'll take it off his hands. He was surprised to be told that even though the police had the car towed he would have to pay the bill and apprx. $15 a day in storage charges.

The real world may be beginning to sink in, but it's a hard lesson to learn that life and the choices you make have a price.

No, I'm definitely not having any fun with this boychild. The other car he has, Grand Marquis, has not sold yet either. So he has two defunct vehicles and it seems he doesn't see his role in why both are trashed. DEEP SIGH!! His Dad took him to work last night 11 p.m. and I picked him up this morning at 7:00 a.m. But, geeee, it's the 'could care less' attitude that makes me want to keep him standing outside in the cold while I am slow to get out of bed and even slower on the drive over to get him. Perhaps a good 30 minute wait in the frozen morning hours would help someone see the error of his ways??? I won't do that, but it is how I feel. YUCK!

Guess who it will be that has to drive him around to shop for another clunker?? But, alas, and woe unto him, he doesn't have $$s YET, so guess who will be toting him around until he does??? It's right about 2 weeks until the next $500ish paycheck comes in. Or he could get lucky and someone buys the Grand Marquis.

I made my share of mistakes as a kid, but was much less stoic about the results and extra work I caused my family. He had an assignment to the steel plant down here about 3 miles from the house as a Security Guard, but without discussing it with either his Dad or I, he called his boss and asked to be placed back out at _______ 30 minutes from home! This was when he had the gas-guzzling Mercury on the road and costing himself about $50 a week in gas to get out there. And, we know why - at _________ he can sleep part of the night and at the steel plant he'd of had to stay awake. Gee, they actually expected him to WORK!!

The frustration level is much worse than you might imagine if you are the mother to one of this ilk!! The Coast Guard is looking better and better to have him as their charge. I've already offered to take him and drop him off. Pray for the Coast Guard, they are likely going to need it!!"


Stay tuned...more to follow! GAAAA!!

Remember while all of this is happening I'm sick as sick can be, w/bronchitis, flu virus and resulting stomach upset all the resulting potty breaks and coughing my left lung up. Meanwhile I get a reaction to the medication for the bronchitis and break out in giant red welting hives ALLLLLLL over myyyyyyy boooooody!

Ohhhh. Some fun now!! huh? Big Grin

Just wait - There is MORE!!

Backtracking - Part 1

February 15th, 2008 at 06:12 pm

94 Camry - Now Totalled

To update and log here what's been going on at the Frugalis Homestead...

On February 6th I spent my morning retrieving youngest (CashHappySon) from car wreck on the snowy icy hills nearby. He is fine and so were the other people. He was on a road I've told him repeatedly not to drive on in during inclement weather. Seems Mom does know best, however he hasn't quite got that lesson down yet.

The newest car (see above) we had just helped him buy 1/5/08ish for $700 was totalled and of course he only had liability insurance. It already had a bit of body damage to it anyway.

He wasn't issued a ticket but the police officer said the accident looked to be his fault. Following too closely, going a bit too fast for the conditions and he came upon another wreck and while trying to merge into the one lane he went sliding and hit a van w/a man, wife and small baby. Thankfully, thankfully, no one was hurt.

He had just spent $100 the day before getting the title changed over and he had yet to make the first payment to us. :{

Are we having fun yet?????

Hello Sweetie!! Love To All!

February 15th, 2008 at 02:40 am

Rita Hayworth

Dear Sweet Valentines,

I miss you guys when I don't get to read or post!

Sweetums, a/k/a The Hubster brought home a card & chocolates for his lovely bride - yours truly! He took me out to eat on Monday night for Valentines Day at the local steak and rib place (we used the gift card we got from my sister at Christmas) and will be taking me out again on Saturday for our Sunday School class's Valentines Banquet at another BBQ place (appx. $10 a plate), so I am being spoiled. He got chocolates and his favorite hot rolls (olive bread) cooked and a nice dinner, a card and fancy juice for supper. We are simple people with pretty simple tastes.

Cleaned out the wallet a few minutes ago and found 30 cents in there to take to the challenge.

There is lots more to post about what's been going on around the Frugalis house but I'll wait till tomorrow to fill you in on some of it. There is also more change laying around from various sources that I'll post about tomorrow.

Now I've got to go pickup FrugalSon from work and take his single pink rose bud for him to give to TheGrrl whom he works with. He took her out to eat Monday night as well and out to see 27 Dresses at the movies. He gave her a perfume vial that was in a flower type presentation form and some lotiony foo-foo stuff, a scarf, some chocolates and a card. She is being spoiled too. She gave him a big box of chocolates. Love is in the air!

Hope everyone has had a lovely day and if you are your own special someone give yourself a hug and squeeze from me! Then go do something just for you that you LOVE to do - spoil yourself!! Okay?

Happy Valentine's Day to Everyone at!


$006.16 balance
+000.30 wallet cleanout
$006.46 Feb MTD

2008 Challenge Total $38.36
Cumulative Challenge Total $566.97

FREE Clothes & FREE Money!!

February 14th, 2008 at 11:56 pm

I have been missing in action because I had a reaction to the medication that I was taking for the bronchitis. Feeling better now.

I received a bounty of FREE clothes this week and while going thru them to try them on found $6.16 in the pockets!

Taking it to the challenge.


$000.00 balance
+006.16 FREEBIES
$006.16 Feb MTD

2008 Challenge Total $38.06
Cumulative Challenge Total $566.67

Plug Themselves In? A Twist on Plug N'Play??

February 8th, 2008 at 05:08 pm

Do these things plug themselves in or what?? It's time to WHACK THE MOLE!! I found four items:

2)Coffee pot
4)DVD player left on overnight by some mystery guest who won't fess up!

Last month's bill $60.00. Wonder what it was in 2007??

Don't know what I'm talking about? Check out the back story here:

Text is and Link is


Sicker than a...

February 4th, 2008 at 10:48 pm

Yeah, I've been sicker than a dog. Saturday before last had to take CashHappySon to the emergency room and he had strep-throat and the flu. While sitting there with him I started coughing. Well, I was trying to take care of him and let myself pass. He got penicillin and other meds. He has no insurance so this should be interesting. I'll let you know later what the bill is. His scrips $33.85.

Later in the week I had to take myself to the doc and have chest x-rays, breathing treatment, etc., etc. Come to find out I have bronchitis with a viral component. Whatever. Sick, sick, sick and coughing my last lung up to boot. Many juices and trips to the bathroom later I am again upright. YECK!! I have insurance and they couldn't figure out a co-pay for my visit so they said they'd bill the co-pay when they figured what it was. My scrips for four of them was $20.64. Not bad.

I spent a boatload on juice, kleenex, Sprite, crackers, yogurt and other assorted necessities.

Made my house payment and am updating the balance over on the left. New balance $19,391.57.