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How Do I Miss These Things???

November 1st, 2006 at 01:24 am

How Do I Miss These Things???

Okay, I'm rocking along thinking I'm doing great on the budgeting front when WHAM a realization that I've only been budgeting for six months worth of auto insurance premiums but stretching them over 12 months! Duh!

So, in other words I only have half (312.00) of what I need (624.00) and it's due on 11/30. If I squeak the payment to my agent late in the day on the 30th I might get by with taking some of December's auto-insurance allocation to pay it. Then I've got to save like the dickens to get it together before the end of May when it'll be due again.

I hate screwing up. I especially hate messing up financially.


Today I paid off my October CC charges - of 223.48 which was the October groceries and some Christmas, due on the 9th of November. These were all budgeted and saved for items.

So far scheduled for November payments as they were put on the CC in October after the cutoff date are:

534.00 car warranty mainten. unexpected
380.00 paint planned
25.00 paint planned
626.00 tooth crown - emergency
1565.00 CC - must be paid off as I refuse to carry a balance!

and now try to come up with
312.00 auto insurance - dumb mistake
1877.00 As I said, the E.F. is definitely going to take a hit!! And I think I see mounds of beans and rice in the near future.

OUCH, OUCH and Double OUCH!!!

6 Responses to “How Do I Miss These Things???”

  1. Jacklad Says:

    Well, you're only human, and we all do those dumb things. My daughter refers to it as a "Duh!" moment, while I prefer to call it "Channeling my Inner Blonde". Smile

  2. Amber Says:

    I agree with Jack , we are not perfect Wink

  3. tinapbeana Says:

    lux, just call it a foray into the life of a non-frugal person. you've been back to the other side and realized you don't like it there. as the sqeaky toys say in buzz lightyear "Jooooooooin Uuuuuuussssssssss!" Big Grin

  4. baselle Says:

    Well, its not like insurance is pleasant, or anything, Smile

  5. StressLess Says:

    Oh, Lux it sounds just like something I would do! I think it just takes time to get a budget to work--there are lots of things you can't think of at the beginning, or you miscalculate. I'm sure after a little while, things will get ironed out. (Beans and rice, rice and beans--sounds like you've been listening to Dave Ramsey. Wink)

  6. LuxLiving Says:

    Time? Yeah well, I've been doing zero-based budgeting for about 5 years now, which is why I'm kicking myself for making dummard moves!

    So, all you newbies out there take can get in a hurry and miss some important things. Things that can throw you for a wonky loop. Slow down and count the costs.

    Silly me I also didn't realize that with buying the warranty on The Hubster's car that we'd still have to pay for certain maintenance costs in order to keep it under warranty. I knew about paying for oil changes, etc., and had budgeted for that, but not the 'you have to do about 500.00 worth of maintenance costs here in our shop at 30,000 & 60,000 miles or your warranty is voided' costs. The Hubster said, "Yes, I knew there would be costs involved." "Then, shoot fire man, why not let the bookkeeper know so she can prepare to have the cash available?????????????????"

    **Frown**Sadly shaking her head**Frown** and kicking the checkbook to see if any hidden money falls out!

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