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Back from the Races

October 29th, 2009 at 01:18 pm

Yesterday was a new day at the Frugalicious races...

Got up early and Hubster and FrugalSon loaded up the back of my pickup with wood for my Dad using the wheelbarrow as I was not venturing back into the muddy yard with my truck again after getting sunk and stuck the other night. I picked what appears like the last of my tomatoes for the year and took about half of them for Dad.

Then Frugalson & I loaded up and went to the bank and got my signature on Hubster's Carpenter's Pension notarized and then scooted on over to the post office and got it mailed off.

We took off on the backroads and drove the hour and half trip to my Dad's and he and FrugalSon unloaded the wood while his wife and I visited. They got through and I got to visit with my Dad for about 30 minutes and then we started heading back.

Dad had slipped me $40 for gas. He can well afford it and if he didn't get wood from me? ...he'd be buying it from someone. Nice. It takes about $50 to fill my truck and I can get one full trip to his town and back out of it, plus some other running around my town. Last trip was on me.

I needed to treat my helper to lunch so at his choice we stopped for a burger basket, frosty rootbeers and had the rare treat of fried pickles as an appetizer. Yummers. $17.23 + $3.00 tip.

After lunch we stopped at a good garage sale. I bought myself two nice little side-tables - they are very heavy, have a cute rustic style to them and are formica-ed on top. So useable with those tops & too Too TOO cute to pass up.

I don't know that I NEED them, but will try to work them into the house. If they don't work out I might sell one or both of them in my booth at a profit. Or maybe FrugalSon can use them downstairs in his apartment. They are sweet little tables & at $25 for the pair, I can easily double my money. The finish on the legs is a bit aged, but they could be really cutened up w/some beige or antique white paint on the legs! Or, even some barn red or a forest green for a bunkhouse or cabin look. Here's one of them before cleanup:

Also bought myself a cute new to me denim jacket for a $1.00, and the guy running the sale, who was flirting with me ended up giving me a paperback for free - wooo, a big spender type! Big Grin

He was a nice man, but kind of overtly obvious with the compliments, thinking my son was my husband because obviously I couldn't P.O.S.S.I.B.L.Y. be that old, etc. Yeah, right. Nice to hear, but you know it's patently not true. I do look younger than my age, but not THAT young.

Also got two paintings in frames for $3 each. We'll probably paint over the canvases and have the frames to use for our creations. Cheap art material!!!

Then it was off to my Mom's house where they gave me a very nice metal patio table. They had three outdoor sets? I think one of them was from stepdad's Mom's estate. They are closing in their back patio and now have one inside that room and one set outside and this set just extra. Nice. I had given CashHappySon my old set when he moved away.

This patio set is black. My other outdoor set ALMOST matches it but is white/yellowish. The white set is 'chippy' and likely this coming spring, I'll wirebrush it down and paint it out black to match. I spot-shot the rusty areas the other day w/rustoleum to get it thru the winter. I nearly STOLE the white set late last year at a thrift store. All seven pieces for only $27.00! The other little table Hubster is using indoors for his printer stand.

(note one of the little arched water spigot cubbie covers that Hubster made the other day over on the left)

Mom THINKS she knows where the umbrella and stand is at in her storage building.

I'm counting my parental units as Corporate Sponsors! They're members of the Golden Eagle Elite Club!! Thank God for our parents. They've all done so much for us through the years.

We visited with Mom about 15 minutes and admired stepdad's handiwork on the new patio room, then jumped back in the truck.

Stopped at vitamin store and spent about $30 there, needed more magnesium for routine maintenance and also Sambucol to keep the sore throat and flu bug away. Pricey stuff but needed for to the keeping away of the creeping crud & the blue funks!

Then we stopped at the Dollar store for FrugalSon to buy more minutes for his Tracphone.

Then we got home by about 3:15 and I crashed! Then I got back up and took vitamin herby stuff to keep from being sick as I felt achy, and ate the rest of the Tortilla Soup from the other day at about 5:00 p.m. and then laid back down.

FrugalSon stayed outside and unloaded all the new bunkN'junque off the back of the truck.

FrugalSon then went out and helped Hubster who was mowing on the rider, by pushmowing the garden area and then the top-yard for the last mow of the season and to run all the gas out of the mowers so they can be winterized.

Hubster spent the day yesterday raking up all the leaves and twigs and general messiness that the tree cutters left behind and trying to repair a cheap-o rake that kept breaking on him. The last rake we had lasted about 15 years. This one? Lasted less than one season! Come on folks lets manufacture something worthwhile could we????

Then they stayed outside till dark-thirty chainsawing and stacking the rest of the wood in the front part of the yard. We are racing trying to beat winter! I had made Hubster promise not to chainsaw until I got home. I rushed around as much as possible for this daytrip to get back so he had some daylight left to work in. Supposed to be cold and wet the rest of the week here.

After all that cutting & stacking they came in and FrugalSon heated up the Black Bean soup that was also in the frig and they had that and sandwiches and marble cake for supper while I was going thru a nice little sleep cycle on the couch.

Poor FrugalSon had quite a busy day off!
I am feeling much better this morning. Like a new woman. Bouncing up at 5:30 a.m. Hubster is still sawing logs. In bed, that is!

Taking the $8 I didn't blow at a garage sale to the $20 Challenge.

$022.82 balance
+008.00 garage sale leavings
$030.82 Oct MTD

2009 Challenge Total $993.10 (think I'll beat a thousand this year? Who'll give me odds?)
Cumulative Challenge Total $2046.86

*Little known L.L.Frugalis factoid: I used to jockey as a pre-teen.

Corporate Sponsors Update

February 27th, 2007 at 04:33 pm

Corporate Sponsors Update

It's been awhile and there are some nice samples that I've been sent that need to be appreciated:

From Proctor & Gamble is a very nicely sized large sample of Tide Coldwater!

From Unilever is a three pack of Sunsilk Anti-Flat Shampoo, Conditioner and Weightless Volumizing Creme.

From Gillette is a nice sample of Soft & Dri ClearGlide Powder Soft Anti-perspirant.

The Frugalis Family gives a loud shout of thank you to our generous corporate sponsors! Thank Ye! Thank Ye!!

Team Frugalis Scores Again!

October 11th, 2006 at 08:18 pm

Team Frugalis Scores Again

Photo Credit: Scott & VanAltena

Time to give a big THANK YOU to all of our Corporate Sponsors and our dear postman. In the mailbag so far this week:

From YOGI Tea comes three delightful smelling tea samples: Calming made w/Chammolmile, Peach DeTox made w/Organic Dandelion, and Raspberry Ginger made w/Organic ingredients. All three are Caffeine Free. Says right here that YOGI Tea of Eugene, OR is serving your Spirit! Also included was a nice coupon for 50 cents off on any box of YOGI Tea! Check them out at As soon as I'm thru with this entry I'm off to have my spirit served some of that Raspberry Ginger tea!

Wellness from within as they say. Thanks Yogi! Ohhhh...they have some Morocco Orange Spice that sounds interesting.

Next is a sample of Olay's Definity - highly defined anti-aging intense hydrating cream. This was thru the Walmart sample program. Thanks Olay!

Up next is a very generous sized BIZ Stain-Activated Laundry Booster for colors and whites. They also provided us with a $1.00 off coupon on any size of Biz Stain-Activated Laundry Booster AND one for .50 cents off of any Mean Green or Pine Power product. Thank you BIZ. Check them out at

The Frugalis mailman has been very busy this week! We received from our Corporate Sponsors Nescafe' Taster's Choice with a heaping bunch of coffee samples! 7 free samples of Nescafe Taster's Choice 100% Pure Instant Coffee, 3 free samples of their 100% Columbian, and 4 free samples of their Decaffeinated coffee. They considerately gave us 2 - $2.00 off coupons. Thank you Nescafe Taster's Choice! Visit them at

From one of my all-time favorites Jergens comes three free samples. One each of their Ultra-Healing Extra Dry Skin Moisturizer; Skin Smoothing Cellular Renewal Moisturizer and a Shea Butter Skin Enriching Moisturizer. If you haven't tried Shea Butter you're missing out! Thank You very much Jergens! I look forward to trying these out but you'll be hard pressed to beat out my all time favorite Jergens product which is the original
cherry/almond scented lotion that Granny used to wear! YUMMERS!!

Whewwwweeeee - the poor postman! Big Grin

Next comes a sample of each of Herbal Essences's Hello Hydration Moisturizing Shampoo and Hello Hydration Moisturizing Conditioner made with Orchid and Coconut Milk. Sounds delicious! Say hello to lush hydration and bring your hair back to silky, all the way to luscious. Thank you Herbal Essence! This was another Walmart sample so thanks Walmart! Drink up hair!! ...and live hydratedly ever after. They're located at

Did I tell you he was busy? BUSY BUSY!!

Last, but not least comes a very generously sized 3.0 oz. sample of Unilever's Dove Deep Moisture Hyrdration Profonde Nourishing Hand Wash. Nourishes while you cleanse with 3x more moisturizers than the leading moisturizing liquid soap. Check them out at They also sent along a 75 cent off coupon. Thanks Unilever Dove!

Okay, I'm thinking I better plan on a nice tip for the postman this Christmas.

Did I Mention...??

October 9th, 2006 at 01:20 am

Did I Mention...??

Nope. I didn't.

Why? Because I had to recharge the batteries for the camera. (and now I can't get the system here to take the picture and upload it! RATS!)

FrugalSon entered his little 1988 Chevrolet S-10 Extended Cab Tahoe Package pickup in the church car show yesterday. He won!! Yea!! It's only just now turned 70,000 original miles and it's a little gem.

He won 2 of the door prizes. One was a big bottle of driveway cleaner. The other was a big sack full of car cleaning stuff, wax pads, air freshener, sprayer for garden hose, wax, some extra high gleam hotrod stuff, etc.

Thank you to our corporate sponsors again - a big Hoo-HA thank you to Auto Zone for graciously donating the door prizes! Team Frugalis thanks you very much!

Then he won Best of Class for 75-Present Truck Division. Woo-hoo! Got the trophy. There were 5 or 6 other trucks entered in this class.

Mom here was especially tickled since some jerk at FrugalSon's 2nd job was giving him a hard time about entering his later model truck into a car show!

Welllllll...phhhtpppttttt and Double phhhppttt on parade rainers!

I hate when people do that!

This is an EXCEPTIONALY GREAT & Hardworking kid I have here and he deserves some good stuff. So Mom is tickled pink he won! No, not the tires, nor the rims, but still... Smile

He had to leave the car show early to go in to work so I went back over and sat with the truck until they announced the winners and handed out the trophies.

Now ordinarily I stay away from their jobsite while they are working but on purpose because Mr. Snooty made the wisecracks I just HAD TO take the trophy in and let FrugalSon know that he won and let him show it off to everyone! Even baby brother CashHappySon was pea green. Other coworkers gave the big pat o'back and he ate it up!

TAKE THAT Mr. Snooty Snot!! Well, yes of course, I made absolutely certain that Snooty got a good long look at it!

Didn't let him touch it though! HA! :P

Chalk one up for the good guys!!

P.S. Over to the right in the pic is the stalk of bananas we got off of our banana tree today! Also, today was a No Spender! Yeppers!! $$'s still in my pocket.

Cool, Dry and Increasing my Financial IQ

September 29th, 2006 at 10:14 pm

Cool, Dry and Increasing my Financial IQ

Photo Credit: by Arron

My gratitude goes out to my Corporate Sponsors, Dove/Unilever for the sample of their Ultimate Clear Cool Essentials anti-perspirant deodorant and The Federal Reserve Bank of New York for the comic books, 'Once Upon A Dime', 'The Story of Money', The Story of Banks', 'A Penny Saved', The Story of Inflation', The Story of Foreign Trade and Exchange', 'The Story of Monetary Policy' and 'The Story of the Federal Reserve System'. Count 'em, 8 free comics!

I'm going to enjoy reading these comics myself and then passing them along to my two sons to read!!! Just think I'll be cool & dry while I increase my financial IQ!

Also a big thanks to Wilson Grissom & Associates for the Free 'Helping You Avoid IRA Distribution Mistakes' booklet! Thanks Jim! I'm reading thru it as well and marking my favorite passages with the new 3M Post-It Notes that came as free samples this week as well! If I find out I've made any mistakes in our IRA accounts I'll be all set with some free Advil PM tablets to send me off to snooze-land and cool my throbbing temples!

Also in this week's mailbag was a nice little package of FREE Hewlett-Packard Bright White Inkjet Paper. They have a buyer's reward program called PurchasEdge where you can earn free HP products. See

FREE - what an exciting concept! I feel myself blooming out all over! Thank you Sponsors!! Team Frugalis really appreciates your contributions.

Look Mom No Cavities!!

September 24th, 2006 at 08:44 pm

Look Mom - No Cavities!!

Wanted to take just a moment and thank one of my corporate sponsors CREST for sending me a free full size sample of their new Pro-Health toothpaste! Thanks buddies!!

I feel more health-ful, fresh and minty already!

Hiddy Ho There Neighbor

September 11th, 2006 at 10:53 pm

Hiddy Ho There Neighbor

A big Hiddy Ho There Neighbor to My Corporate Sponsors Proctor & Gamble because in today's mail came $37 worth of their coupons for such items as Swiffers, Febreeze, Cascade, Mr. Clean, Dawn, and etc.! Thank you. Thank You!!! This will get my couponing back up and running. Don't know who turned me on to it, but thanks!!

Here's a link to P&G:

Earlier today went to the clothes resale shop with the dudes. I bought them their pick of clothes for Christmas - to put away till then - 3 pairs of jeans each, 2 shirts apiece, and each a pair of dress shoes.

So for six jeans, four shirts and 2 pairs of shoes I paid 90.87 total or 7.57 per item average. Not bad.

They will be styling come the New Year and will have forgotten by Christmas what we bought! NICE to have that out of the way.

This was budgeted gift money we spent, so nothing to wank the budget out of alignment! YEAH!!

Only thing left to buy for them is to fill their stocking...which usually has candy, batteries, shaving cream, shaving lotion, music CD, paperback and cologne in it...most of which can be taken care of inexpensively w/clearance, coupons, sales, or BOGOs!

This was definitely a spending day...

Just home from the Walmart where Frugal Son added $3.00 to his $25.00 Employee of The Month gift card he got from work and was able to get himself a new pocket watch, a pair of jeans and some new black socks. He did okay! The socks were already budgeted for in his Clothes Escrow.

CashHappySon bought himself some new black socks as well (they need them for the job) and it was his turn to buy the dog-food and I had a $1.00 off coupon. He also had budgeted back for Clothes and Dog Food so all on an even keel here.

Of course this is the child (I mean young man) that saw 3400 gazillion other things that he now HAS TO HAVE Moooommmmmmmmm! Right kid. No problem but sorry up your money because it isn't in your budget today, but you can allow for it on your next paycheck if there's enough left over after you pay your bills.

I'm such a killjoy! Big Grin

(photo credit: F. Pancake)

All this black sock talk reminds me of that childhood song we used to sing "Black socks they never get dirty, the longer you wear them the blacker they get!" Does anyone know if there are any additional verses? Those are the only ones I ever learned.

I bought file folders and paper for the printer which had gone up in price .62 cents since my last purchase. Uhhhh, price check on aisle 11, I think somebody forgot to roll back these prices!! These two items were already in the Office Supply Escrow budget so everybody got out under budget! YEAH US!!

CashHappySon went by work to see if the boy was there who was going to buy his guitar amplifier. No go on that deal, but both of them got offered some extra hours so home we ran to get their uniforms and now the house is all quiet again. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!! Silence - how I love ya, how I love ya silence!!

Gracias Doughboy!

September 10th, 2006 at 10:54 pm


Yesterday's coupon savings added to $20 Challenge in Piggy.

$20 Challenge

11.60 balance forward
11.50 coupon savings
23.10 September MTD

A Big Shout Out to My Corporate Sponsors Pillsbury and Old El Paso (among others I can't recall for the life of me at the moment) for the coupons! Gracias Doughboy!!!

And thanks to all you forumites and blogmasters for inspiring me to get back in the coupon game. Me and my checkbook thank you too!

The Universe Giveth!

September 4th, 2006 at 05:00 pm

The Universe Giveth!

Forgot to let you know that the free Visa calculator and educational books & CD came in the mail last week.


I got the Always sample pack containing 2 sample pads, 2 liners, a bookmark, tattoos, and a little post-it note pad!

A Big Shout Out and Thank You's to my corporate sponsors!! A couple of these things will go into the gift box for future gifting ops!