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Cool, Dry and Increasing my Financial IQ

September 29th, 2006 at 10:14 pm

Cool, Dry and Increasing my Financial IQ

Photo Credit: by Arron

My gratitude goes out to my Corporate Sponsors, Dove/Unilever for the sample of their Ultimate Clear Cool Essentials anti-perspirant deodorant and The Federal Reserve Bank of New York for the comic books, 'Once Upon A Dime', 'The Story of Money', The Story of Banks', 'A Penny Saved', The Story of Inflation', The Story of Foreign Trade and Exchange', 'The Story of Monetary Policy' and 'The Story of the Federal Reserve System'. Count 'em, 8 free comics!

I'm going to enjoy reading these comics myself and then passing them along to my two sons to read!!! Just think I'll be cool & dry while I increase my financial IQ!

Also a big thanks to Wilson Grissom & Associates for the Free 'Helping You Avoid IRA Distribution Mistakes' booklet! Thanks Jim! I'm reading thru it as well and marking my favorite passages with the new 3M Post-It Notes that came as free samples this week as well! If I find out I've made any mistakes in our IRA accounts I'll be all set with some free Advil PM tablets to send me off to snooze-land and cool my throbbing temples!

Also in this week's mailbag was a nice little package of FREE Hewlett-Packard Bright White Inkjet Paper. They have a buyer's reward program called PurchasEdge where you can earn free HP products. See

FREE - what an exciting concept! I feel myself blooming out all over! Thank you Sponsors!! Team Frugalis really appreciates your contributions.

Nifty Fifty PLUS!!

September 29th, 2006 at 03:30 pm

Nifty Fifty PLUS!!

Take a good look at that picture and tell me why you wouldn't want to keep up with it? Some people think change is useless. Well, I beg to differ with them!

So, who would think that they could come up with more than fifty dollars in two months time just from loose change that floats by?? Not me! But it's happened.

I mean, I knew that little bits of change add up, but $50 smackers?

CashHappySon handed me .68 cents last night from his 'drive-thru' change found on the ground collections. That put me over the $50 mark. Well, I'm happy to be the recipient!! Thank ye! Thank ye!!! Wheee-doggies, I like FREE money! Don't you???


27.30 balance
+0.68 ground pickin's
27.98 Sept MTD

$50.03 Cummulative Total

Some Books for Potential Investors To Read

September 29th, 2006 at 01:35 pm

Some Books for Potential Investors To Read

Reminiscences of a Stock Operator (revised 1993)
by Edwin Lefevre - an oldie but goodie

How to Make Money in Stocks (revised 2002)
by William J. O'Neil

The Intelligent Investor (revised 2003)
by Benjamin Graham

One Up on Wall Street (1989)
by Peter Lynch

The Essays of Warren Buffett (2001)
by Lawrence A. Cunningham

Safety Issue?

September 29th, 2006 at 12:46 am

Safety Issue?

No, my cash was safe today! No Spend again!

Help Wanted or Unwanted?

September 28th, 2006 at 11:01 pm


Don't you just love when you get unwanted help?? And then need more help to get out from under the unwanted help???

Got a call this morning from Emigrant Direct where I had just recently sent a voided check from The Hubster & mine's joint checking to be added to the other one that is already on there being my personal checking account.

A lady called to verify the account number which I had printed on the check as they requested. It was kind of weird and I wondered out loud to her why couldn't she just match up the initials or the addresses if the number was off?? was a weird call and I'm just barely hanging in there telling her the last digit of my account number as I'm too wigged out talking about my accounts over the phone with someone who calls up seemingly out of the blue...How did I know it wasn't someone who had intercepted the check??

So, after the call is over and we've matched up my account number from the one or two digits I was willing to come forth with to what she's seeing on screen I decide that I will log on a bit later this afternoon to check this all out. I was heading out the door as the phone rang to begin with! Sigh!

About an hour or so passed before I could get back to the screen. So I go in to my accounts and see that isn't she lovely??? ...she has taken my old checking account off and put the joint checking on instead of just adding it to the linked accounts.


Off to make a call and of course I'm connected to yet another foreign person whom I can barely understand and I feel can barely understand me!

I just want both accounts linked there so that if I want to contribute to them I can. If WE want to contribute from the joint accounts we'd be able to as well. Just like it said in the nice little letter I enclosed w/the voided check.

So - we'll see if the little fellow got it straight as I will have to log back in tomorrow and see if all is right with the world because I have to log on again anyway to verify the deposits.

Major pain in the watusi!

Doesn't help that I just spent a major amount of time yesterday on the phone w/3 folks trying to explain their convoluted accounting methods at my mortgage company! I hate doing phone 'business'.

...and I just HATE it when someone helps me when I didn't want their brand of help to begin with.

Have a nice day now - ya hear!! YEAH, and may the bird of paradise fly up your nose as well Kabobblemeister!!

Ppphhthttttt!! Pfft! Pft! and Double Phhffpptt!!

Keep your eyeballs crossed and your breath held praying that all will turn rightside when I log on tomorrow!

Laundry Room Confessional

September 28th, 2006 at 04:41 pm

Laundry Room Confessional

Okay - this seems to be the appropriate time and place - does anyone besides me iron their money??

Time to 'fess up!

Mystery Money In The Laundry Center

September 28th, 2006 at 03:38 pm

Mystery Money

Allrighty who put this 3 cents on the ironing board??? Anyone? Nobody knows where it came from??? Really???? You're joshing me right? Going Going GONE! Sold to the Lady with the Piggybank!

I've asked all three of the gentlemen that I live with and none of them claims to being the culprit. Pretty sure the dogs didn't do it.

Must of been The Hubster. I keep asking him if he wants to contribute any of his change to Piggy to fuel the $20 Challenge for accelerated mortgage payoff. So far he has been unwilling to part with any of his change. We are both on a pretty tight allowance so I can understand his reluctance.

BUT-I think he put the change there but doesn't want to be 'SEEN' contributing as I would want him to do it again!!! Ha! He knows me so well.

Okay, I asked and nobody else claimed it so off to Piggy it goes.

27.27 balance
+0.03 Mystery Contribution
27.30 Sept MTD

Cummulative total $49.35

I think I'll just artfully arrange Piggy a place to sit on the ironing board, just in case anyone else feels like mysteriously slipping in some gold coins or folding money!!

Or just maybe I should plant some ideas with seed bills on the inside laundry line?? Marked bills of course, just in case somebody got the wrong idea!

TallyHo! Happy Days Are Here Again!

September 27th, 2006 at 11:47 pm

Tallyho! Happy Days Are Here Again!

Upping the tally...another no spender here!

Never fret my pretties, I've been doing no-spenders for about 4 years now, so I'm used to it. It does take some adjustments and every now and then I have to fight myself to stay out of the scratch & dent groceries.

There is almost always a good deal to be had in these stores, but sometimes I just don't really NEED anything and I've already spent my grocery budget for the week/month.

Keep the faith, it does get easier!


September 27th, 2006 at 08:58 pm

I'm High Stepping Now!!

Just now got on the phone with my mortgage company and got a little booboo on their part straightened out (it only took 3 of them to figure out their loverly accounting and be able to explain it to my satisfaction -- and they wonder why I'm confused!! HA!!!) and while there I finally made the extra principal payment from our money market interest that The Hubster finally agreed to release all to the tune of 253.04 extra to principal. YEAH TEAM FRUGALIS!!

This includes August's 22.05 - 22.04 = .01 left in piggy as seed money from the $20 Challenge. It won't post until the 29th when I'll get back online and update the totals over at the side.

The sound of wonderful.


And before you ask -- the answer is...

Nope. Definitely not. Although that does kind of look like the reform school (I mean jr. high) I busted out of!

Check, Check and Double-check!

September 27th, 2006 at 03:23 pm

Check, Check and Double-check!

The personal checkbook balanced this a.m. Check, check and Double-check! I just love it when it balances! When it matches what my budgeting software says I'm supposed to have? - a THRILL! I'm such a geek as I get way too much excitement out of this simple process!

Saturday Luncheon Score

September 27th, 2006 at 02:08 pm

Saturday Luncheon Score

Forgot to record that I scored big the other day on Corned Beef at a discount store (I may want more so I'm not giving up my source just yet! Big Grin) it was 1.30 a can.

The last time I had bought some was at Save-A-Lot for $1.79 a can. I can normally find it around 1.89-2.29 in the normal grocery stores around here. So, I'm going with the 1.89 as the more 'normal' amount and say I saved 7.08 by buying by the case of 12 with a .59 cent a can savings.

12 x 1.89 = 22.68
12 x 1.30 = 15.60
savings 7.08 per case!

What do I use Corned Beef for? With two teen boys here the usual Saturday lunch is BBQ Sandwiches. I'll add 1/2 bottle of the Kraft BBQ sauce I got in June for .67 a bottle (pre July Fourth sale). So lunch w/a bag of .99 chips and pickles .50.

1.49 chips/pickles
1.30 meat
.69 HB buns
.33 sauce
.34 porkn'beans
4.15 quick lunch for four + tax

Some time I might add the 7.08 per case to a challenge or something but this time I'm leaving it in the grocery budget for next month because it is still a bit too tight for my tastes.

Try this BBQ sometime. It's not for everybody, BUT, it's what Hillbilly Brand BBQ sauce used to sell in the grocery stores when I was a kid. Mom would buy these great sandwiches and bring them home...we all thought it a treat.

Now it's just the normal out of the pantry Saturday lunch here.

All I have to do is remember to buy the HB buns & chips and we're usually good to go by picking the canned goods off the pantry shelves.

Come October 1st with the new grocery budget allocation I'm going back in for probably 2 more cases! Just LOVE a good food score, don't you????

Lockbox Gives Up

September 27th, 2006 at 01:34 pm

Lockbox Gives Up

Found .39 cents in the lockbox. Who put change in there?? Moving it to the $20 Challenge!

26.88 balance
+0.39 lockbox
27.27 Sept. MTD

Total $20 Challenge $49.32

Off to a Good Start

September 26th, 2006 at 02:32 pm

Off To A Good Start

This week is off to a good start as yesterday was a NO SPENDER!!