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Sad Lil' Bitty Bank Run

October 21st, 2006 at 01:56 pm

Sad Lil' Bitty Bank Run

Made today's bank run this morning for a grand total of $1.40.


But, it's in there and not spent. I got spendy with my allowance yesterday at the garage sale or I'd of had that other $2.00 to add. Oh well, the stuff I bought except for froggie was for Christmas gifts. Moved the $1.40 on over to Emigrant as well today.

FrugalSon went along and deposited his last weeks paychecks from his two jobs.

As well as dollars building up however fast or slow I am continuing to build the bank savings habit in myself and my kids. I've done this for several years now.

So even if the amount is low the exercise of doing it is very rewarding longterm methinks!

$5.02 balance
+1.40 pittance
$6.42 Oct MTD

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