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3 Beans Down, 2 to Go!

October 25th, 2006 at 08:01 pm

3 Beans Down, 2 to Go!

Toot! Toot!!

I've been having a bit of trouble in the last few months with circulation in my right leg. Not sure what the problem is - seems minor at the moment. But it is enough to be noticeable. Enough to make me think I need to get more mobile.

Last night I was reading two separate books written years apart about 2 different subjects and they both have this method listed as a way to get things done.

Putting beans in your pocket.

The strategy was listed in one book as a method for salesmen to make a bunch of sales calls every day.

With the two mentions I kind of felt like it was a sign. Now you have to know first that I read A LOT. Always have. I have never read this strategy before anywhere! So to have two mentions come up at the time I'm stressing over my leg aching seemed important.

At any rate this morning I put five beans in my right hand pants pocket. I've walked 3 separate times for about 7 minutes apiece. The 7 minutes is just an easy trek around the neighborhood to a point and back to the house. Nothing magical in the number. I just have had a goal to walk everyday for a long time. I never seem to get it done, maybe because it seems an all or nothing kind of deal like a 30 minute walk.

So anyway, I've been out and down three laps and even though it is rainy & drizzly here I've found it easy to do.

Take a mini walk - move a bean!

We'll see if it lasts. Unless we have a major downpour I'll get the other two laps done before bedtime tonight. I need to keep moving on that leg before things go from not so bad to worse!

Anyway, you guys might want to think of someway to use the magical fruit bean strategy to help you accomplish some goals.

What is the color of the music in your life?? What beat will you march to? Toot free!

5 Responses to “3 Beans Down, 2 to Go!”

  1. kashi Says:

    Great idea! Can I use jellybeans (and then eat them)? Wink Well, I guess that negates the purpose. Good for you for getting out and walking, even with drizzly weather. Hope it helps your leg.

  2. Thrifty Ray Says:

    Ima Saver and I have been using pennies and our goal is to move 25 pennies (=25 round trips) on the stairs in our homes.

    I also hope that leg gets better soon!

  3. JanH Says:

    I think I will do this for drinking my water. I tend to drink less during the winter months. It would be a great way to remind myself. Although, I really like kashi's idea of jelly beans! I'd probably end up with sticky beans in my pocket, but it sounds like fun!

  4. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    Hey! I keep a pile of ten beans at the top of my stairs. Every time I go up the stairs, I move a bean to a new pile. Toward late afternoon if all the beans haven't been switched to the new pile, I know that I haven't climbed the stairs enough times in my daily activities, so I have to climb up and down enough times to complete the new pile of ten. Next day, I start over.

  5. princessperky Says:

    beans...I like it.

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