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Show Me Cash

October 22nd, 2006 at 12:51 pm

Show Me Cash

I told you guys in an entry last night that we had an overnight visitor. He is a registered doxie and his birth name was Ashes Coal as he is a dapple. Just barely a dapple. They called him Ashes. I'm not overly fond of his little name as it didn't seem to quite fit the male'ness of himself.

Therefore for the interim we've renamed him to a close proximity of his birthname. Took the C from Coal and put it on the front and we've made him 'CASH'. At least for the next night as we will deliver him to my Mom tomorrow. The name is not so different and he responds to it.

The folks that had him had another older, bigger, more aggressive dog that wouldn't let him get close to a food or water bowl and that's why they got rid of him. So sad. I can't imagine getting rid of one of my pupsters.

Here's a couple of scenic pics - you can see he's made himself right at home. Little turkey slept in my bed last night.

That's Carmel's hiney he's made himself a pillow out of. Toffee has chosen mostly to ignore him, but has taken over the bed that he brought with him!

1 Responses to “Show Me Cash”

  1. sarah Says:

    Sooo cute

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