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Corporate Sponsors Update

February 27th, 2007 at 04:33 pm

Corporate Sponsors Update

It's been awhile and there are some nice samples that I've been sent that need to be appreciated:

From Proctor & Gamble is a very nicely sized large sample of Tide Coldwater!

From Unilever is a three pack of Sunsilk Anti-Flat Shampoo, Conditioner and Weightless Volumizing Creme.

From Gillette is a nice sample of Soft & Dri ClearGlide Powder Soft Anti-perspirant.

The Frugalis Family gives a loud shout of thank you to our generous corporate sponsors! Thank Ye! Thank Ye!!

2/24/07 Bank Run - Monthly Recap

February 24th, 2007 at 09:31 pm

2/24/07 Bank Run - Monthly Recap

Today's bank run was $3.33.

February 2007 monthly recap:

2/1 42.00 autodraft
2/3 $3.50
2/13 2.58
2/21 1.92
2/23 2.17
2/24 3.33

That should wrap up February on the deposit side...for a total of $55.50 extra into my personal retirement account. News of interest posted will come later, but should fall somewhere in the 3.30-3.60 range. Current balance is $835.57.

Of note is that today is the first time I didn't go myself but sent CashHappySon driving alone to make my deposit for me. Today is a Total Pajama Day for me! And will also be a No Spend Day.

I did spend a bit of time online requesting some new/old financial books from the public library to be delivered & held for me at my local branch. Will try to review them here if I catch the time & motivation both grooving on the same day.

Yesterday was a No Spender as well.

Washing My Wallet

February 24th, 2007 at 02:15 pm

Washing My Wallet

I have a wallet that is made of cloth - I love it as it's huge and I can carry two checkbooks in it and loads more stuff. Anyway after listening to all the germy purse scare stuff this past week I was glancing at my black wallet and it was filthy. I mean when your black stuff is so dirty that you can see the dirt it's time to give a rinse, eh?

During the cleanout there falls out an extra $20 stuck back in all the folded up papers (my mad money I suppose). I'm taking it to the challenge. WA WA WA!!!

HEY - What do you mean it looks a little clunky??

$13.46 balance
+20.00 walletwasheteria wa wa
$33.46 Feb MTD

2007 Challenge 87.39
Cumulative Total $213.50


February 23rd, 2007 at 09:54 pm


Good news is that I was able to turn off the heater today and open the windows and patio doors for some nice cross ventilation. It feels great when those fresh breezes come wafting through to help clear out the winter stuffiness!

When I left the house awhile a go I saw that I have two daffodils that are bloomed out by my driveway! HELLOOOOOO SPRINGTIME!!

Daffodils are always a Happy Sign!

Of financial note I spent $31.02 yesterday at the scratch n' dent and got some great buys - Catsup at 25 cents a bottle, crackers 50 cents a box, BBQ sauce 50 cents a bottle, syrup 35 cents a bottle, sausage 99 cents a roll, etc. Came home with five HEAVY sacks of groceries.

Blurbette Lite

February 22nd, 2007 at 11:14 pm

Blurbette Lite

Just a quick Blurbette Lite...

13.26 balance
+0.20 jumped on my desk
13.46 Feb MTD

Today saw eight books added to my Amazon account as available for sale.

Mirror Mirror - How To Get A Clear Financial Picture

February 21st, 2007 at 08:19 pm

How To Get A Clear Financial Picture
by James Geary

In his book

The Seven Stages of Money Maturity: Understanding the Spirit and Value of Money in Your Life, George Kinder relates an anecdote about Mullah Nazrudin, an ancient Persian sage and storyteller. Nazrudin walks into a bank to cash a check and the teller asks him to produce some identification. So he pulls out a...


Text is and Link is

from: It's Your Turn, CFP Board eNewsletter, February 2007

*I'm still having trouble over at the forums getting to read. ACKKKK!!

Seeking Maximum Returns? Tax Efficient Mutual Fund Placement

February 20th, 2007 at 11:37 pm

Tax Efficient Mutual Fund Placement For Maximum Return

a useful article:

Maximum Returns: Tax Efficient

Piggy Is Golden!

February 18th, 2007 at 11:05 pm

Piggy Is Golden!

This Year of the Fire Pig is really paying off! CashHappySon donates again.

Happy Happy PIG!! Can't wait til he starts getting rid of those golden George's!! Big Grin

$12.86 balance
+00.40 golden donation
$13.26 Feb MTD

2007 Challenge $67.19
Cumulative Total $193.30

Saturday's Ritual Bank Run

February 17th, 2007 at 02:37 pm

Saturday's Ritual Bank Run

Took $1.92 from my leftover's on my allowance to the bank. Then I moved it to Emigrant. While I'm at the bank I get out the money for next week's allowance.

Would this work for everyone? ehh, probably not, but this way I have it available to spend during the week if I want, but if not, then off it goes to my extra retirement savings.

February Bank Runs
$42.00 2/1/07 autodraft
+06.08 previous Feb runs
+01.92 2/17/07 run
$50.00 Feb MTD bank runs

Cumulative Total $830.07

Year of the Fire Pig

February 17th, 2007 at 01:07 pm

Year of the Fire Pig

Photocredit: atypyk

Well time is passing us by and it is the Chinese Year of the Fire Pig!!

Gotta set Piggy on Fire!! Time is Money!

CashHappySon gave me $2.29 in change to go to Piggy!! We're burning daylight over here!


10.57 balance
+2.29 burning Pig
12.86 Feb MTD

2007 Challenge $66.79
Cumulative Total $192.90

Of financial quicky note is that FrugalSon got a call yesterday from a place he put in his application for full time work. He wasn't home as he was at work (part-time job) and the lady did promise to call back next week to try to set up another time to interview him. Fingers crossed!

Pinky Wheel Driving

February 13th, 2007 at 02:05 pm

Pinky Wheel Driving

Cleaning out the wallet and adding $2.67 to the $20 Challenge monies.

$07.90 balance
+02.67 addition
$10.57 Feb MTD

2007 Challenge $64.50
Cumulative Total $190.61

Spent $1.36 cash on Saturday getting CashHappySon a house-key to go on his new car keyring. He's 18, I guess it's time he finally has a key to the house!


Some of you may find that odd, but since we homeschooled there just really hasn't been an occasion when one of us wasn't either already here or with the boys when they were going and coming from the house.

Of note is that the backup lights don't work on HiHoSilver Tanklilator and he'll have to be getting that fixed. The oil hasn't been changed since 2002 and since that oil change sticker is on the window there has been only about 500 miles put on the car. And, we put about 50 of those on there this past weekend bringing it home & around town on the backroads to let CashHappy get used to the monster sizing!

In addition to getting the backup lights fixed, an oil change and lube job is also in order The Hubster says.

This car was supposedly only driven to the grocery store...WELL, they either didn't shop often or the store was just next door or barely down the street!

A dream to drive - you know the kind, you barely need to touch the wheel w/a pinky. No, of course, I didn't let CashHappy see me driving that way Officer!

HiHoSilver Tankilator Limousine

February 11th, 2007 at 02:31 pm

HiHoSilver Tankilator Limousine

PhotoCredit: Not his car, but one off the internet that looks just like it.

Took CashHappySon on Friday to buy him a different car - his old car, his starter car, has some upcoming issues so it is soon to be out of the picture.

Hubster works with a guy who's f-i-l owns a used car lot in a little town north of us...and we've had him w/his ear to the ground for us. On Friday he called w/a 1989 Mercury Grand Marquis, garage-kept, 18,000 mile beaut!

After CashHappy got off work on Friday we ran up there and bought it. Hubster wanted it if CashHappy didn't. Thought we might have a 'SMACKDOWN' wrestling match over it. This car is a huge vehicle, but oh in such spiffy shape! He was able to pay cash for it - with a short-term loan from Mom & Dad, until his money returns from Emigrant.

He's excited. I didn't really think he'd want it because of it's size and age, but he loves it. It is silver and has really nice burgandy velvet interior. Very nice. The guy who owned it had broken his back and needed cash for medical purposes. So sad.

We've had to go out driving ALOT this weekend in it for CashHappy to get used to the MUCH bigger size than his little Ford Tempo. We had a guy look at the Tempo yesterday afternoon. Not our norm to buy one before selling the old, but this one was too good a deal to pass up.

Of course, we had to go let 'THE girl' see it. He calls it a limousine - and he's looking forward to driving her to the prom in it. Something like 'Go B.I.G. or go home!'

HiHoSilver Away!!

EEK! There are now FIVE cars sitting in my driveway!! ZOWSERS! At least they're all paid for! My poor neighbors, at least none of them are up on blocks!! Big Grin

Weekly Bank Run

February 10th, 2007 at 08:54 pm

Weekly Bank Run

Took $2.58 on a bank run! Take THAT, my lil'turtle dove!! A dove was flying alongside the car racing us for part of the way!

45.50 balance
+2.58 2/10/07 run
48.08 Feb MTD

Cumulative Total $828.15

Tag You're It!!

February 8th, 2007 at 04:36 pm

Tag You're It!!

I've got $5.00 extra leftover from paying for my truck tag in my Truck Tag Escrow Account.

"Taking it to the challenge!" ~~L.L.Frugalis

Yes, I could leave it in there as a head-start for next year, but I'm consistent w/my budgeting so I feel confident that next year the money will also be sitting there waiting to pop on the next tag due date. KNOCK WOOD!!

Here's to putting back for known expenses!!

$02.90 balance
+05.00 tag
$07.90 Feb MTD

2007 Challenge $61.83
Cumulative Total $187.94

Tidy Up

February 7th, 2007 at 02:23 pm

Tidy Up

Photocredit: LuxLivingFrugalis (that's my Mom as a little girl holding her dolly in the picture to the right.)

Tidying up the change purse and wallet and find $2.35 to take to the challenge.

$00.55 balance
+02.35 tidy up
$02.90 Feb MTD

2007 Challenge $56.83
Cumulative Total $182.94

Clean Up Keyboard

February 5th, 2007 at 09:29 pm

Up .03 Cents

$00.52 balance
+00.03 clean up keyboard
$00.55 Feb MTD

2006 Challenge 126.11
2007 Challenge 54.48
Cumulative Total $180.59

I think these 3 cents came from CashHappy, all I know is they are annoying me sitting on my keyboard and falling off when I get to typing too excitedly...we then have flying pennies!

Charting The Bank Run Money

February 3rd, 2007 at 05:25 pm

Charting The Bank Run Money

This is an effort to chart the money that is in my Additional Retirement Savings that I add my Bank Run Challenge monies into.

04/dep 05.00 int .00 bal 05.00
05/dep 37.22 int .06 bal 42.28
06/dep 45.05 int .15 bal 87.48
07/dep 41.80 int .30 bal 129.58
08/dep 00.00 int .37 bal 129.95
09/dep 01.25 int .39 bal 131.59
10/dep 06.64 int .46 bal 138.69
11/dep 36.00 int .45 bal 175.14
12/dep 55.99 int .66 bal 231.79

01/dep 36.00 int .84 bal 268.63
02/dep 24.00 int .87 bal 293.50*
03/dep 125.80 int 1.24 bal 420.54
04/dep 39.46 int 1.61 bal 461.61
05/dep 48.61 int 1.89 bal 512.11
06/dep 96.00 int 1.58 bal 434.69**
07/dep 36.00 int 1.93 bal 472.62
08/dep 36.00 int 2.14 bal 510.76***
09/dep 46.02 int 2.25 bal 558.03****
10/dep 52.08 int 2.52 bal 612.63
11/dep 46.96 int 2.64 bal 662.23
12/dep 69.59 int 3.02 bal 734.84

01/dep 42.00 int 3.23 bal 780.07
02/dep 45.50 MTD

Bank Runs Cumulative Total $825.57

*started $36.00 autodraft
**withdrew $175.00 to get started w/
***joined & increased autodraft to $42.00
****used $1.00 to start an additional Emigrant savings account

Hopefully making this a separate entry w/more spaces will make it more useful to read. Once the total reaches $1000.00 I'll be taking it out into the world to invest for my old age.

Week 5 Bank Run

February 3rd, 2007 at 03:21 pm

Week 5 Bank Run

Photo Credit:

Took $3.50 to the bank in my Bank Run Challenge. I've been off of this for awhile as all of the remodeling and snow and ice has slowed me down.

01/07 .00 total (autodrafted 42.00)
02/07 3.50 MTD + 42.00 autodraft

Bank Run Challenge
2006 Total $32.98 (after joing
2007 YTD $3.50
Cumulative Total $36.48

This extra (different than the $20 Challenge) is in addition to my regular retirement allocation and goes towards investments outside of the traditional retirement investment vehicles.

Right now this money sits in Emigrant piling up - when I get to the $1000 mark it will go out further into the world in some investment or another...depends upon the financial signs of the times prevelant at that moment.

For you newbies, this is money saved out of my spending allowance. Money I was able to conserve by having those No Spend Days. The thing is to have it available to spend if I need it, but if not, then off it goes towards my future. It's usually taken to the bank on Saturday and then moved immediately to an online bank where it can earn higher interest.

To Work, My Pretty Slaves!!

(edited to add): I am updating the Bank Run Challenge portion over on the right as it never did reflect truly how the Bank Run works out for me. I've been doing this since April of 2005 long before joining the Saving community. At some point during the game I decided to add automatic drafts for a portion of this and that is the monies that wasn't being reflected here on the site.)

What I would like newbies to pay attention to is the number in the middle -- the interest being earned while we sleep. It keeps growing/compounding because it is compouding upon itself. No, these aren't any big numbers YET, but you'll notice that they do get bigger each month. All together that is $28.60 that Hubster and I did not have to earn by working.

Exceptions to it increasing are when I took money out for a good cause (stop the paycheck to paycheck cylce w/You Need A and when interest rates dropped back a bit.

Little bits added to more little bits does begin to take off! This money is above and beyond what the house budget contributes towards me having a decent old age and was previously being frittered away!

~~!!Let's Get This Party Started!!~~

February 2nd, 2007 at 03:32 pm

~~!!Let's Get This Party Started!!~~

CashHappySon gave me .44 for helping him buy an MP3 player online last night. Mom as Shopper fees are indeed helping me w/my challenge - however, I do think I need to increase my rates! Big Grin

Cleaning out the change purse netted me an additional .08 cents for the $20 Challenge.

$00.00 February beginning balance
+00.44 shop fees
+00.08 tidy wallet
$00.52 Feb MTD

2007 Challenge $54.45
Cumulative Total $180.56

Also updating the mortgage balance over to the right to $23,023.85 as yesterday's payment posted.

Frugalis Family Rose To The Occasion

February 1st, 2007 at 12:56 pm

Frugalis Family Rose To The Occasion

This morning was time to count Piggy to see if the Frugalis Family was able to rise to the occasion and meet my UNSPOKEN goal for the month of January and I'm happy to say that we did!

The mystery man also included a bit extra this month to the tune of $1.03 that nobody at the house will claim putting in there.

To reiterate, this challenge money is currently going towards extra principal paydown on our mortgage. Traditional payments are 353.96 and 60.11 is what the family budget has to pay extra a month in order to have it paid off by the time Hubster retires and then this month I was able to add an additional $53.93 to the payment as well from the challenge, making our mortgage payment $468.00 today.

353.96 mortgage payment
+60.11 extra principal payment
+53.93 Challenge money to xtra princ. payment
468.00 payment

I paid it online just a minute ago and will update the amounts over to the right later after it posts.

Updating the...

$52.90 balance
+01.03 mystery donation
$53.93 January total

2007 Total $53.93
Cumulative Total $180.04

The unspoken goal challenge is still on for February!! Wish me luck!!

(I found it compelling that in just one month's time with just a bit of EXTRA concentrating that I was able to almost DOUBLE the amount I was able to save in five months last year!! ..but NO, that wasn't the unspoken challenge! More to be revealed later.)