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Lux's Saturday Bank Run History

8/16/08-Here's where I'm going to post my history of the small bank runs I used to make before I got started on the $20 Challenge. This is so I can take it off my sidebar. For those who werent' with us back in the day - I used to go EVERY Saturday morning with my kids and we would all make small deposits of whatever change we could round up into our individual savings accounts. As you can see it does add up over time AND it was helpful in teaching my kids the savings habit!

DO NOT LET bank tellers intimidate you when you want to deposit small amounts like $1.32! It's their job and you are giving them something to do so they can stay gainfully employed! They won't be laughing at you when you're like ImaSaver with big buckaroos in your accounts. Sooner or later they might even catch the savings bug from you!

BANK RUNS=addt.retirement savings
04/dep 05.00 int .00 bal 5.00
05/dep 37.22 int .06 bal 42.28
06/dep 45.05 int .15 bal 87.48
07/dep 41.80 int .30 bal 129.58
08/dep 00.00 int .37 bal 129.95
09/dep 01.25 int .39 bal 131.59
10/dep 06.64 int .46 bal 138.69
11/dep 36.00 int .45 bal 175.14
12/dep 55.99 int .66 bal 231.79
01/dep 36.00 int .84 bal268.63
02/dep 24.00 int.87 bal293.50*
03/dep125.80int1.24 bal420.54
04/dep 39.46 int1.61 bal461.61
05/dep 48.61 int1.89 bal512.11
06/dep96.00int1.58 bal434.69**
07/dep 36.00 int1.93 bal472.62
10/dep 52.08 int2.52 bal612.63
11/dep 46.96 int2.64 bal662.23
12/dep 69.59 int3.02 bal734.84
01/dep 42.00 int3.23 bal780.07
02/dep 55.50 int3.11 bal838.68
03/dep 52.11 int3.67 bal894.46
04/dep 43.00 int0.00 bal937.46
Bank Runs Cumulative Total $937.46

*started $36.00 autodraft
**withdrew 175 to start
***joined & increased autodraft to $42.00
****used $ to start add svgs.acct.

NOTE: This is on hold as I'm doing Suzie O.'s Ameritrade auto-deposits. Now all my change is saved up til the end of the month and reported in $20 CHALLENGE Category of my blog.