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Nifty Fifty PLUS!!

September 29th, 2006 at 03:30 pm

Nifty Fifty PLUS!!

Take a good look at that picture and tell me why you wouldn't want to keep up with it? Some people think change is useless. Well, I beg to differ with them!

So, who would think that they could come up with more than fifty dollars in two months time just from loose change that floats by?? Not me! But it's happened.

I mean, I knew that little bits of change add up, but $50 smackers?

CashHappySon handed me .68 cents last night from his 'drive-thru' change found on the ground collections. That put me over the $50 mark. Well, I'm happy to be the recipient!! Thank ye! Thank ye!!! Wheee-doggies, I like FREE money! Don't you???


27.30 balance
+0.68 ground pickin's
27.98 Sept MTD

$50.03 Cummulative Total

2 Responses to “Nifty Fifty PLUS!!”

  1. T_I_N_A20 Says:

    Hell yeah I love free money!! Hehe!! The first time I put my loose change in the piggy banks for two months, the total was 80$$!! Who says is useless now eh ? =P

  2. LuckyRobin Says:

    I used to do that when I worked at McDonald's as a student, pick up all the change customers had dropped at the drive-thru window and never bothered to pick up. Usually got about a dollar a day for my efforts.

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