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Mystery Money In The Laundry Center

September 28th, 2006 at 03:38 pm

Mystery Money

Allrighty who put this 3 cents on the ironing board??? Anyone? Nobody knows where it came from??? Really???? You're joshing me right? Going Going GONE! Sold to the Lady with the Piggybank!

I've asked all three of the gentlemen that I live with and none of them claims to being the culprit. Pretty sure the dogs didn't do it.

Must of been The Hubster. I keep asking him if he wants to contribute any of his change to Piggy to fuel the $20 Challenge for accelerated mortgage payoff. So far he has been unwilling to part with any of his change. We are both on a pretty tight allowance so I can understand his reluctance.

BUT-I think he put the change there but doesn't want to be 'SEEN' contributing as I would want him to do it again!!! Ha! He knows me so well.

Okay, I asked and nobody else claimed it so off to Piggy it goes.

27.27 balance
+0.03 Mystery Contribution
27.30 Sept MTD

Cummulative total $49.35

I think I'll just artfully arrange Piggy a place to sit on the ironing board, just in case anyone else feels like mysteriously slipping in some gold coins or folding money!!

Or just maybe I should plant some ideas with seed bills on the inside laundry line?? Marked bills of course, just in case somebody got the wrong idea!

2 Responses to “Mystery Money In The Laundry Center”

  1. Bookie Says:

    *Next we have a scavenger hunt. We leave a series of enigmatic clues directing her to caches of small change. When that begins to pall, we up the ante with an occasional dollar. Drive her nuts. Wink*

  2. LuxLiving Says:

    Yeah, that's the ticket. Big Grin Keep it coming, I'll find it! LazyLayabout pennies and quarters eveywhere should beware...I'm coming to put you to work!! Hard labor 'twill be!

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