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Behind posting on $20 CHALLENGE

April 9th, 2010 at 04:29 pm

As is my custom, I'm behind. Frown How embarassing! Big Grin I will try to post later the money I deposited in my $20 Challenge so far this year. But, let's start where we're at today...

This a.m. cleaned off desk and vacumned keyboard and under, etc. and found .44 to take to the $20 Challenge.

April 2010

$000.00 April balance
+000.44 desk cleanup
$000.44 April MTD

2010 Challenge Total $000.94
Cumulative Challeng Total $2091.53

2 Responses to “Behind posting on $20 CHALLENGE”

  1. Broken Arrow Says:

    Yes. About that. I've noticed that the category listing is no longer there. I haven't heard anything from Jeffrey or Nate explaining why. Most likely because they no longer officially run that program, though that certainly doesn't mean we can't continue it. It's fine by me either way though.

  2. dmontngrey Says:

    OMG... That is one of the funniest pics I've seen!!

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