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Deep Diving

November 29th, 2009 at 03:18 pm

It pays to dive deep! Oh the things you see when you scavenge all the way to the bottom.

Yesterday's purse cleanout found $1.82 in change at the bottom to put towards the $20 Challenge. There's also a $20 buried deep in the wallet that MIGHT make it over to begin December's $20 Challenge with if I can keep it whole! It's leftover from my $10 a week November allowance. (Can't we afford a bigger allowance? Yes - I've just got no stomach to blow money for no good reason.) There's $50 incoming allowance on Tuesday, so I might just make it.


$020.63 balance
+001.82 deep diving
$022.46 Nov MTD

2009 Challenge Total $1015.80
Cumulative Challenge Total $2069.56

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