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Earn A Bit o'Green On Black Friday?

November 27th, 2009 at 02:20 pm

Today we go to my Dad's town to eat out at a buffet place for our Thanksgiving meal with him and my brother, and take Dad another load of firewood. Not sure if my sister will make it or not. I did just see her the other day as she, Mom & my niece took me out for my birthday luncheon. Last night the Mom & Stepdad parental units came by for general Thanksgiving feasting. Several places to visit/separate celebrations on holidays? Oh the joys of divorced parents! Means we stretch these events over several days!

I'm planning on participating in Jeffrey's (co-owner of Saving Advice dot com) Penny Experiment. Care to join me?

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Do Black Plus Orange Equal Green? YES, today they do!

ING has some special offerings today on Black Friday only.

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Think I'll take the $465ish I've been gathering together for our next CD purchase in our CD Savings Escrow Fund and add a bit to it to get to at least $500 & go ahead and do their 2%/12 month CD.

Yes, we have a line item in our budget called 'CD Savings Escrow' where we put back a bit of money each month towards purchasing CDs. Gather enough together to make it worthwhile and pop off & purchase one.

We also have line items for making 'Savings Bonds Purchases' and another for buying 'T-Bills' and the autoMAGIC ones for our 'DRIPS'. What can I say, I like having lots of various money piles!

And, I'm likely to bite on their $121 bonus for orange checking. Usually not a rate 'ho, but today, I think I will dally w/the orange in order to get a little green in my pocketbook.

I don't particularly NEED another checking account, but what the heck, I'm sure I can think of & set up another goal fund for something! Big Grin

No, still not a big ING fan, but I'll happily take their money.

Re: their requirement that you make 3 signed debit transacations - does anybody care to comment on the 'where you have to sign for debit transactions', as I'm a little unclear on where exactly those places would be. I'm sure I've signed before at places, I just can't recall any specifics at the moment - brain fog has rolled in. I'd appreciate your comments & suggestions.

Help please?

18 Responses to “Earn A Bit o'Green On Black Friday?”

  1. jillybean Says:

    Thanks for the reminder about the ING Black Friday--I think I may set up the checking account too!

  2. campfrugal Says:

    Lux, you can use the Electric Orange to buy Christmas Gifts or pay a few bills. That is what I am using mine for. I know, there must be three more presents I need to buy.

  3. LuxLiving Says:

    But what places make you sign for them? For instance, do you have to at Walmart? Ugh, I hate going to Waldog, but will if I need to in order to get the bonus.

  4. campfrugal Says:

    Yes, if you do it as a credit, which is what you want to do, then you have to sign for it. You can use the debit card as a credit card pretty much everywhere. Some places don't have you sign if your purchase is under $25, like fast food restaurants. But, you can say to any establishment that you want it as a credit and that you want to sign for your purchase, and then reap the rewards of 121 bucks. It looks like if you sign up today, we should get some FREE money around the 18th of January. Yipee for FREE money.

  5. beawealthywarrior Says:

    I just open an account as well and the below is what qualifies. Hope it helps

    Examples of signature-based transactions include:
    Any purchases that require your signature(choosing 'Credit' instead of 'Debit') when checking out.
    Internet, phone or mail order purchases.
    Using your Card for automatic bill payments like your cell phone, cable or utilities.

  6. LuxLiving Says:

    Thanks beawealthywarrior, I just completed opening mine and read that as well. Very helpful. Thanks campfrugal too!

    I opened mine as a Christmas fund and used the last remaining Christmas budgeted shopping dollars to do it.

    Hellooooooooooooooooo $121 for next's years' Christmas shopping! Wee-ha!!!

  7. campfrugal Says:

    Hey, that is a great idea Lux, make it a Christmas Fund for next year with an automatic monthly deposit from my regular checking to my ING Electric Orange. Thanks for the great idea. Hope you don't mind me stealing your idea.

  8. Homebody Says:

    Crap I am at daughter's house in Reno. I don't know my ING account number....mmm maybe I can open it using my other checking accounts(Chase, US Bank).... I have the bulk of my savings at ING and I had been toying with opening the account anyway!

  9. frugaltexan75 Says:

    I wonder if this works for current Orange customers? I will have to check this out. Smile

  10. LuxLiving Says:

    @Homebody - can you call them from Reno and do it over the phone? Do it before 11:59 PM Eastern Time. The code is EOSAVE. Good luck, I hope you read this and get 'er done!

    @frugaltexan75 - It worked for me as an existing ING customer, not sure about if you already have the electric orange checking.

    @campfrugal - nope, not at all. That's what I'm setting mine up to do.

  11. dmontngrey Says:

    You're only allowed one Electric Orange account, so no-go for folks who already have them. Great deal for those who don't have one yet! I LOVE my ING accounts. Smile
    That turkey pic cracked me up...

  12. LuxLiving Says:

    After we got back from stuffing ourselves at the buffet w/Dad, we ended up opening E.O. accounts for Hubster and FrugalSon as well. If ING wants to give us three $363? More power to them!

    I'd do it for CashHappySon too, but he's cleaned out all his accounts at ING and elsewhere that I'm a joint owner on, so he'll miss out.

  13. mjrube94 Says:

    Happy belated birthday...

  14. LuxLiving Says:

    Thank you mjrube94!

  15. Homebody Says:

    I did it! While sitting on hold for about 15 minutes, it told me how I could get my own account number if I had forgotten it. So I stayed on hold and was just finishing up opening the account when a very nice customer service rep came on and stayed with me until I had completed it!


  16. LuxLiving Says:

    Glad you made it under the wire Homebody! Safe travels home.

  17. Broken Arrow Says:

    Funny picture. I also like them for their legs and thighs! Big Grin

  18. LuxLiving Says:

    I like watching them wander in the woods!

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