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Where's the Orange Paint?

October 25th, 2009 at 09:03 pm's down there.

YEP, you know where.

(cue spooky music)

Well, it's got to be dug out SOME TIME so I can paint the spot where the smoke alarm used to set. Some wacko man type personage must of installed it in this weird space between rooms. It was there when we moved in. Along with the thermostat that now sits hidden behind the big picture there. Who puts a thermostat smack dab in the middle of a wall? A man, I'm telling ya!!

This new trim installation in the dining/foyer area gave us the opportunity to fix this area into two different paintable spaces. As it was, whatever color was painted on that one wall in the living room had to tie all the way over into the foyer AND dining room area.



This way if a person wants to they can paint those two wall spaces a different color, and I'm likely to change the orange wall in the foyer area (to the right) later to the same yellow that's already in the dining area and on the other side of the foyer.

The trim in the dining room had to be thin to fit over the door AND go all the way down that long skinny little part that divides the addition of the dining room from the older portion of the house.

Okay - Who's ready to go d.o.w.n. **THERE** again and dig out the orange paint?

Not me.

Not today anyway. Perhaps some time next week I'll get my bravado up and venture into the basement again.

And, then Hubster can reinstall the smoke alarm ?elsewhere?, I'll finish painting the ceiling in the dining room and we can then consider this little chapter closed for now. Oh yeah, the new paint on the ceiling trim? Makes the rest of the trim in the room look like crap! Big Grin Always something, huh?

I love my orange wall. It's very warming at night in the rest of my cave (living room) with the lamps on. I realize it's not for everyone and will most likely have to be changed back to boring bland if we list our house for sale in the future. But for now, it makes me smile.

All except for that little white circle!

Orange paint - On next week's to do list.

Living Room

Do not adjust your screen, those WERE wavy lines you see at the ceiling line!


Free boards in the attic, some paint, a lot of cussin' & discussin', and a couple of tubes of caulk later? Ta-da. Then you saw it - now you don't!

7 Responses to “Where's the Orange Paint?”

  1. monkeymama Says:

    Oooooh - looks great! I would never choose orange, but if I bought your house I'd keep it. I think it looks great! (Maybe I should consider orange).

    I love moulding. We are far too cheap and lazy, but our last home had been beautifully done with crown moulding in all the rooms. I do miss it. It is a fairly frugal way to beautify a space, if you can do it yourself.

  2. LuxLiving Says:

    Thanks MonkeyMama - maybe you should!

    We are caught in that quandry - how much dressing up of this old place do we do? If we sell? If we stay?

    We need to reach a conclusion on that. There are many things that could be done here, but it is older. If we stay, we could stand to redo the kitchen counters and the bath definitely needs help.

    It's only money and time stopping us, right? How much to fix up for someone else to live in? That was a major sticking point (fighting words) as we left our last home. Hubster put much time and energy into fixing it for the next woman who bought it and I was beyond hopping mad. I want us to fix our house for US to live in, not someone else.

  3. NJDebbie Says:

    I'm totally digging the orange!!!!

  4. frugaltexan75 Says:

    I like the orange as well. Definitely not a color I would think would go well .. but it works somehow.

  5. dmontngrey Says:

    I never would have chosen the orange either, but that looks very nice! What a difference that trim makes - wow!!

  6. baselle Says:

    I like your orange - its so warming - and its a happy compliment to the plum wall cutting across.

    You should update for your enjoyment, rather than for the enjoyment of a mystical buyer who, if he's smart, will probably update it again for his enjoyment.

  7. boomeyers Says:

    Looks great! Wonder why the smoke detector was on the wall instead of on the ceiling? Hmmm...

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