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Maybe a VW Love Bus?

October 2nd, 2009 at 03:40 pm

Maybe a VW Love Bus?

Photo caption: VW Camper Bus


Photo caption: VW Vanagon

No, but close - I think I'd rather have a Westy - otherwise known as a VW Westfalia or maybe a Vanagon (I'm such a newbie to these vehicles to not know if they are one and the same or two different models) to travel about in. That is, in order to go stealth boondocking in my future travels. No way will I get anything close to new. A used one will have to do. New ones are wayyyyyy PRICEY! Ouch. No, I'd rather have some $$'s left to actually go some place in it!

Watch this great family's video:
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and Link is

Their trip reminded me of my own two dalliances through Honduras. Fun & interesting (political) times! I met many soldiers during the Sandinista conflicts.

While we were gone to my Dad's the other day I finally deposited the $25 from the sale of the cooker. I love my local bank as it has branches all across my state and everywhere I go in state - there it is! Very helpful at times. Wouldn't work for long distance travel though if you're having to pay ATM fees. Before I took off, I'd have to get somewhere nationwide I suppose.

Since my other funds are coming along nicely for beginner funds, I think I'll boost the RV Land Travel fund for a bit. Taking the $25 and putting it in there.

$142.50 balance
+025.00 BBQ bye-bye
$167.50 new total**

**{edited to add: I forgot about the $12.00 autodraft that went in yesterday and the interest that was posted, so let me add that in for a New New Total! Big Grin Went and upgraded next month's & future autodrafts to $12.50. A nicer, rounder number. Maybe one day soon, I can swoop on up to $15! Remember what I tell all the beginners? INCH BY INCH baby!!

$167.50 new total
+000.15 9/31 interest
+012.00 Oct 1 autodraft
$179.65 New NEW total! Yeah!}

for more info on Westy living:
Text is and Link is

and here:
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and Link is

LAST YEAR on LuxLivingFrugalis:
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5 Responses to “Maybe a VW Love Bus?”

  1. frugaltexan Says:

    Way to go on building your rv fund!

  2. HouseHopeful Says:

    Great job! And thanks for the links!

  3. momcents Says:

    Have you checked into TABs? My best friend is intrigued by those - they are smaller and mod and can be pulled with a regular hitch (?). She likes to think of it as her travelling bedroom when she visits people, though her finances prevent her from actually buying one at the present.

  4. LuxLiving Says:

    I had an accident once pulling a loaded horse-trailer. Loaded with HEAVY pipe, not horses. A real come-to-Jesus moment wherein a semi ran by us doing about 90 & in a real feat of physics, the trailer came off, flipped over the top of the truck with me driving & my kiddos in it and landed right beside us like it was parked in the slot next door. Which makes me leary of pulling. Not that I haven't pulled one since, for my Dad, but umm, no. Not what I had in mind, and mainly because I want to do stealth boondocking when I can and save my $$'s for doing things, eating & gasoline rather than parking in RV camps when I don't have to. I love the little Burros & Casitas for that type of camping, but it won't be the way I'll go, at least I don't think so. I do already have a trailer hitch on present truck though.

    Frugalson still talks about the biker angels that sat that trailer down beside us. He was about 5 when it happened.

  5. LuxLiving Says:

    For anyone else reading this looking for those small type travel trailers, the Trillium is a nice little trailer too.

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