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Grrls Just Want to Have E-Funds Update

September 15th, 2009 at 11:15 pm

Grrls (Lux's Personal)Just Wanna Have E-funds!-w/Fidelity (not to be confused with the household budget's Emergency Fund)

$1,391.56 02/18/09
$2,662.81 08/15/09
$3,044.52 08/24/09
+0,000.49 08/31/09 Aug-interest
+0,015.00 09/01/09 Sep-Monthly autodraft
+0,034.00 09/15/09 extra deposit
$3,094.01 updated 9/15/09

I'm going to start funneling extra $$'s into here towards my 2010 IRA contributions. Since I can put in $6000 a year as I'm over 50, I have only 2905.99 to go for 2010's contributions.

And, in my Roth IRA I added two positions - PYEMX @ $13.25 and FAMRX @$11.38.

2 Responses to “Grrls Just Want to Have E-Funds Update”

  1. Broken Arrow Says:

    Those are very interesting fund choices. Uh, that's nothing bad or anything. Can I get your thoughts on your choices?

  2. LuxLiving Says:

    Well, they aren't my ideal - I was wanting to add a position in VWELX Vanguard's Wellington, however it will have to wait until after March 16 of 2010 as I needed $10,000 to buy into it - was short a few hundred dollars so will have to wait until I make my 2010 Roth IRA contributions AND wait the 180 days so I don't get stuck w/short-term trading fees. Also for me to buy Vanguard I will be paying a stiff $75 fee anyway as that's the charge while buying thru Fidelity. OUCH. But I think the Wellington fund will be worth the purchase price over the long haul.

    Being happy with my other positions I didn't want to sell anything off at the moment to make it happen. I'll wait, but in the meantime I was off in my Asset Allocation and it was WAY past time for some rebalancing. Plus I didn't like all that cash just sitting there earning diddly. I needed it out working.

    These two fit my short term parking needs and within the asset classes I needed to get into to have my Growth portfolio sitting all nice and allocated properly. I'm hoping (gambler's luck?) that they'll continue to climb out of the slump at a rapid clip as they seem to have done already this year. (I know - past performance does not guarantee future results! - but I'm hoping.) The majority of this money is the money I got from parental units last year. Wanting to keep it together in a pile so I can know which income is from the money they gave me.

    For my bond portion - I ran PYEMX through Fidelity's screening process - parameters being No-Fee, No-Load, Standard Deviation of 15 or less, Low Expense ratio, Morning Star Ratings of 3 stars or more, looking at 10 years worth of performance at 10% or greater return. Plus it gets me into Emerging Markets nicely.

    Done here:
    Text is
    and Link is

    The FAMRX meets the allocation requirements I was trying to fulfill at some of the same levels of performance.

    There you have the ?somewhat convoluted? thinking that went on during the process. I used Fidelity's very nicely executed retirement planning testings and their portfolio analaysis programs that run the numbers on your set-up and acturial likelihood to see whether or not I'm going to outlive my money or if it will outlive me. I'd prefer the money win this time!

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