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I heart Craigslist $70 worth

August 7th, 2009 at 01:49 pm

We are getting ready to downsize since the kids are all getting on to independent adulthood. So, earlier this week on Craigslist we sold our big dining room table that took up so much room in our tiny little dining area and then went on the prowl to find another.


It took awhile of missed connections and a bit of people overstating what they had for sale, but we were able to buy a nicer, better table, more suitable for our area now and will fit nicely in most any new place we might buy in the future. It has a leaf to increase/decrease size which our old one did not. That's it leaning against the door for now - I've got to clean out under a bed to find a good spot for it.


I'm hoping this helps show the house a bit better with a smaller table in here. (When/If we get around to listing it for sale. We aren't there yet, much stuff still in basement from FIL's estate to go through.)

And, we came out ahead.

I paid $265 for my old table at an auction years and years ago. Got lots of use out of it. Sold it for $250 and bought a replacement for $180 and came out with a nice table & $70 left over. I also found a nice comforter set on craigslist for $60 that I might go for and then will take the left over $10 to retirement savings. (...and then? I'll clean my old comforter set and list it for sale too, so possibly there'll be that cash too, to add to the retirement kitty!)

Oh yeah, earlier this week I made my final 2009 IRA contribution! YEAHHHHHH ME!!!

5 Responses to “I heart Craigslist $70 worth”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Beautiful! Your home is beautiful as well. Smart move.

  2. Analise Says:

    Very lovely. We downsized in '06... best move we ever made. Good luck!

  3. Mrs Says:

    Very nice indeed!

  4. Jerry Says:

    Downsizing makes such a difference! We moved overseas this past year and that would lead us to make a lot of tough decisions about what to keep and what to sell. We discovered that downsizing is the best insurance policy for keeping an eye on what is the most important, long-term.

  5. LuxLiving Says:

    Thank you everybody for the nice compliments. I just want to add that right now with so many people hurting and trying to make housepayments and in order to keep from having their cars repo'd and such there are some great deals out there on craigslist. The lady I bought from did seem to be in a crunch (we paid what she was asking with no dickering), and there are lots of ads where people were sacrificing really nice items at discount prices in order to make a payment somewhere. So, if you were ever wanting to upgrade a piece of furniture? Now might be a good time to do it and perhaps help out someone else at the same time.

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