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Twenty-Two Will Fit w/Flowers

August 1st, 2008 at 02:33 pm

One is hiding behind the faucet!

MyrtlesMoney inspired me with her blueberry shot to show you my tomato harvest for the last couple of days. We're a bit behind in getting them eaten! I'll have to be more mindful to get these packed off in lunches or given to hapless passerbys! Four or five a day is all the salad needs. We are popping them like mad! We are eating from left to right...

My big tomato plants have tons of green tomatoes on them but none seem to want to ripen! Any clues as to why? It's hotter than Hades here. All I can think of is possibly there isn't enough airflow because of other nearby plantings - tall four-o'clocks, or that some of those plants may be shading my tomatoes too much??? This is my first year with these planted in the top yard rather than down in my big garden so perhaps the soil is lacking something??

Also this is my AFTER picture of the kitchen w/the new light fixture (sorry, I couldn't find a small enough mini-chandelier in my patience level time frame) and new ceiling paint. Now the kitchen walls need re-painting. These two lights were el-cheapo ($18.99 for the set but at the checkout I was surprised by a sale & a total of $15.15), but do match the rest of the house. Keep scrolling back through my archives a week or two back to see the old ugly renter's special BEFORE shot! So when I do find the perfect mini-chandelier I won't feel too bad about the $7.57 loss of this one. This light makes me happier than the old one!

I lived thru the Corian fest & now the marble-fest on updating my countertops without spending. Not because I wanted to mind you, but all that the budget would allow was a small paint fix to the area where laminating come up missing on the old countertops.

One day I'll have new countertops if it harelips everyone I live with! New recently as a couple of months ago we did finally get an updated kitchen faucet. See it in this shot! Wooo-hooo! A couple of years back we managed to put down Pergo floors in the kitchen & utility rooms. So there has been some updating to the house since we've had her.

The lighting fixture for the utility room matches this one plus the other in another part of the kitchen area. Nothing to be done about the ugly flourescent one in the middle of the kitchen though as our ceilings are too low for any other kind of fixture unless you go to messing w/can lights. Maybe one day! We did replace the basementy-metal-model flourescent w/a half-way decent wood look flourescent in the kitchen a year or so, but it's still ugly.

Other things ought to come first before countertops, such as new carpeting for the rest of the house (beyond gone), a couch & loveseat for the living room (getting tattered) & a new mattress (way lumpy) for Hubster's back!

Our house is comfortable except for that mattress - not magazine perfect though. Plenty of living going on with me home all day every day, the boys home most mornings at least half to 3/4 of the day and Hubster home in the evenings it gets plenty of wear. I don't want to seem ungrateful. I love my house, just wish I could freshen everything all at once!

The floral selection in the picture is from wild honeysuckle type vines that FrugalSon picked for me. Good kid!

5 Responses to “Twenty-Two Will Fit w/Flowers”

  1. gattaca Says:

    I just read an article where this couple found out that the marble countertops they installed had high levels of radon emitting from them.

  2. monkeymama Says:

    The curse of the frugies. Frugies probably rarely update all at once.

    OF course, going new construction we got all the perks at once. But yes, now we are wondering if our countertops are radioactive. Seriously (we saw that as well). I really like them, and assumed we would NEVER have to replace them.

    Now we are wondering if we have to rip them out. At least we didn't pay a ton for them. (& didn't mortgage the counter tops!!)

    So yeah, when you feel blah, think at least your kitchen isn't oozing radon. Wink

  3. frugaltexan75 Says:

    I talked to my brother yesterday and he was telling me about his wife's garden. He told me that they have tomatoes and cucumbers coming out their ears. He makes an omlette in the morning, pulls a fresh totmato off the vine to dice up. Then pulls another fresh one to slice up for a sandwich at lunch time . . . eats a cucumber for a snack. Made me wishful for a garden of my own. Smile

  4. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    I think those flowers are from "trumpet vine," Campsis radicans. Hummingbirds love them. So do ants.

  5. baselle Says:

    Don't really know why your tomatoes won't ripen on some of your plants. The only thing I got is that is to check your variety - some of those determinant tomatoes ripen all at once.

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