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It Says What?

July 30th, 2008 at 12:39 pm

Okay, Joseph Sangl & BAlite got me going on this one, here's my current desktop wallpaper. I stared at this one long enough that I painted my bathroom that deepest color of red. The desktop wallpaper is supposed to say something about me. What?, I'm wondering??

Henri Matisse's The Dessert, Harmony in Red, 1908

"The grand show is eternal.
It is always sunrise somewhere;
the dew is never all dried at once;
a shower is forever galling;
vapor is ever rising.
Eternal sunrise, eternal sunset,
eternal dawn and gloaming,
on sea and continents and islands,
each in its turn,
as the round earth rolls." óJohn Muir

Does it say something else that I change it from time to time? The one I use the most often is of how I'd someday like one end of my house to look - if I had the money to add the loggia and roof covering the back steps down to the basement. Currently all I've got is a concrete patio out on that side - no roofing:

What???? You thought my desktop was going to be all black & white w/pink around the edges??

What does mine say about me?

What's on YOUR desktop wallpaper?

5 Responses to “It Says What?”

  1. Broken Arrow Says:

    Ooooh, pretty decor! Wouldn't mind outdoor living space like that someday.

  2. aevans1206 Says:

    My desktop wallpaper is always a picture of my son. Currently, he is wearing scuba goggles and smiling cheesily for the camera. Ahhhh, motherhood.

  3. gamecock43 Says:

    your wallpaper strikes me as Italian. Kind of 'rich Italian'. The 2nd one looks like a decadent house found in Italy, and the first reminds me of an Iitalian painting with all the colors, depicting a maid type service...

  4. miclason Says:

    I'm with aevans!...mine is a picture of a smiling Ale wearing hot pink Mickey ears and holding up a Baby Dumbo...

  5. JanH Says:

    Mine is baby Granddaughter laughing into the camera. Brings a smile to my face when I see her big grin.

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