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Throw Some Dogs A Bone...

July 24th, 2008 at 01:11 pm

Dear You:

"Just Never You Mind What I've Got In Here!!!"

Throw Some Dogs A Bone...
a/k/a Lux's Monetary Influx Announcement

Hubster got a nice little profit sharing check this week of $431.00 and some odd change.

Of course you know what I want to do with it? Of course you do my lil Pupcake...put it into our retirement monies, but he wants to have some money to spend.

"Well, you earned it. It's all yours honey, spend it if you want."

I understand. He does get tired of me always wanting to put back for that proverbial rainy day and we do usually keep our blow money to a strict minimum.

So, the final decision that he came up with? He's going to cash it and give me half and him take half. He wants me to spend mine, too.

Soooo, what to do w/my $215+?????

Likely I'll BUY a couple of savings bonds or some stock or put it towards one of my drips w/$200 of it. And blow the $15 and change on ING savings or whoever's running the nicest rate at the moment. How does that sound???? At those online banks I have subaccounts called CD Savings Escrow. When it gets up to the $500-1000 level and rates are good, I pop off and invest it in a certificate of deposit (old school) and start over saving in it again.

Old dog, same OLD tricks, w/a different twist to make it more palatable for those who like to gnaw their entire bone away on the same day. See me??? - I can do that too, but have a little bone left to gnaw later as well. Dig a little hole here and there, stick in my bones and cover them up for later!!

It's all good! Some things never change.

YEAH Profit Sharing!! YEAH Hubster!


P.S. Yesterday was a No Spend Day!!

Re-deposited $7.28 from CashHappySon reimbursing me for something he bought off of ebay.

Balanced checkbooks yesterday.

P.P.S. Funny - Hubster & I - our Chinese Horoscope Symbols? Both dogs.

quote from a website talking about the Chinese Dog Symbol:

"They generally have hidden savings accounts for future family endeavors such as family vacations and college tuitions."

Not to worry, I know where he keeps his socks of money buried!!

3 Responses to “Throw Some Dogs A Bone...”

  1. frugaltexan75 Says:

    That was nice of your husband to split his bonus with you - that way you each got to do something you wanted and that satisfied your "spending" needs. Smile

  2. baselle Says:

    Nice. But I thought you hated ING. Did something change?

  3. luxlivingfrugalis Says:

    No, I still am not crazy about them. It went into my online account at Emigrant as there is more accumulated there. The ING accounts are still open and as Jeffrey & Nate run their referral bonuses I use up some of our invites so that's about all the influx those accounts see these days. Rates would have to be awfully good to intice me back.

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