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Vitamin D is Cheap Entertainment

May 13th, 2008 at 12:21 pm

Yesterday we did shopping & banking errands while we were on our way to and from set activities.

FrugalSon, TheGrrl and I, packed a few homemade sandwiches & filled bottles w/homemade tea and headed to the lake (about five miles away). No swimming but they enjoyed a walk before and after lunch and we had a fire in the firepit and watched a family of ducks, enjoyed lots of pretty wildflowers, and soaking up lots of good Vitamin D sunshine. Cheap entertainment. I read my book and laid in the sun while they held hands and walked around. Then we let TheGrrl-i-o practice her driving on the empty roads around the lake. She says I'm more patient that either of her parents.

Got good stuff at the scratch-n-dent grocery on the way home from the lake. 2 jars of soup base .79 a jar, 4-parmesan cheese shaker cans .99, small mayo/mustard jars at .49 each for vacation packing, 2 BIG boxes of cheeze-its at .99 a box, 4 big jars of dill pickles at .99 a jar.

We came home, put up our groceries, and I mowed the acreage up top while the young'uns picked up more broken limbs left from the ice storm.

(Our house sits behind & under those evergreens about half-way down the road)

Then we cleaned up & went to see Speed Racer at the matinee movie at an increased price of $2.75 - up from $2.50! GRRR! I'm tired of them raising the prices of the matinee!! It makes my Frugalicious Gene (TM) pucker!!!

Then we came home and ate Mother's Day leftovers of baked ham, creamy 'funeral' potatoes, green salad and German Chocolate cake.

It was a full, yet inexpensive day for me. CashHappySon's car had to be towed back to the place we had the motor replaced at. Possibly a cracked head or busted head-gasket or some doo-whicky. If it's either of those two things it should be covered under the warranty and all he'll have to pay is the towing fee. Fingers crossed!

Deposited two recent Pinecone checks. I'm adding them to the challenge:


$000.00 balance
+010.00 surveys
$010.00 May MTD

2008 Challenge Total $117.66
Cumulative Challenge Total $646.27

4 Responses to “Vitamin D is Cheap Entertainment”

  1. mom-sense Says:

    Sounds like a lovely day!

  2. Petunia Says:

    What a nice day - it sounds inexpensive and yet satisfying.

  3. klbb90 Says:

    Lucky you, matinee prices here are $5.50. At least they were the last time I went months ago. Guess I'll find they've gone up again when I start going to summer movies.

  4. K. Anne Says:

    It sounds as though you had a nice day full of memory making.

    Around where I live (South Eastern PA) the Matinee price is $8 for adults. Regular price is $10 for adults. Seniors and kids are $7 no matter what time of day. A new release movie for under 3 bucks a person is a great bargain!

    During the summer here they do show free kids movies on Wednesdays and Tuesdays at 10 am. (Which are hard to go to if you are working.) But they are older movies that may have been out for a few years or have been available for rent at the movie store for months. But since they are free... Lol.

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