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Trying to match yard pavers! Yeckkkk!

April 30th, 2008 at 09:52 pm

Lux's Cowboy Tub - Garden Year 2004

I want four more matching pavers to complete the little patio area FrugalSon and I worked on yesterday. I went back to where we got mine a year or two ago and now they don't carry them any more. What a pain. Drove around looking for other places that might have them. No luck so far but I did manage to spend $9 on plants.

There's good reason for ME to stay out of the plant stands! I'm the same way in bookstores. They are dangerous places for me to venture.

Oh well, I've been 'color-hungry' and I got a few things that will spice it up just a little bit. Plants have really gotten pricey since last I went. Will try to hang tough against all the enticing plants when I try the next couple places for pavers some time in May. I'm out of gas and I'm waiting at least till tomorrow and a new months' budget kicks in to fill it up! Oh the cringing I'll do! Frown

Adding to the Challenge:

$017.82 balance
+008.02 wallet cleanout
$25.84 April Total

2008 Challenge Total $107.66
Cumulative Challenge Total $636.27

Paid my mortgage payment just now for tomorrow. New balance will be $18,438.49.

Contractual payoff: 6 yr. 1 mth.
Actual payoff: 5 yr. 4 mth.
Projected payoff: 5/2014

With extra principal payments of $71.04 the projected payoff will be 7/2012!

If extra principal continues to be paid the interest savings will be $713.50.

Total reduction in term 1 yr. 10 mths.

CashHappySon mailed off his payment to the hospital today - before the postal rates go up!

3 Responses to “Trying to match yard pavers! Yeckkkk!”

  1. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    Yeah, with the price to heat greenhouses, annuals are costing nearly as much as perennials.

  2. boomeyers Says:

    I can't even begin to afford plants right now, but those are sure pretty! My sister and my brother both gave us some starters to put in our garden. Thank goodness! I think we might have a free garden this year!!

  3. Homebody Says:

    Beautiful! I'm visiting NC right now and the flowers are beautiful here. I resisted some brilliant colored geraniums and New Guinea impatients for YD's home....only because she said being pregnant she didn't see herself taking care of them this year (too much other stuff to do getting ready for the baby).

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