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Nose Hair Exam Anyone?

April 23rd, 2008 at 06:28 pm

Well, I've been rather quiet this month. Not intentionally, but have felt that I didn't have much to say financially except that I am spending out the wazoo for gas/tolls/meals out to drive to various health related appointments for my parents. So far this month I've had to go long distance out of town four times and have another trip scheduled for this coming Saturday. Sheesh, will the blood-letting at the pump let up any time soon? We already drive an economy car and well, frankly, it isn't any too economical when you are running hither and yon!

I did go back and do AngelFood this month w/pickup in a few days. Will have to send CashHappySon to pick it up as Hubster and I are going to be out of town that morning. I am still not too sure that it is cheaper than the way I normally buy, but I've done it and hopefully will use the menus that should be posted over at hillbilly housewife's website.

I did get officially old this month as I went and got bifocals $163 w/sunglass attachment thingawhichie. Well, they are the absolute pits. I feel as if I am up for a nose-hair exam as I've got my head leaned back a mile in order to see the up close portion. I think I need another minor adjustment so they sit higher on the bridge of my nose.

I am still in need of a hearing check, but will have to get a doctor's referral supposedly. What a pain. On that front I'm hoping I'm just heavy on ear-wax and not in need of an 'aid!

Got a PineCone Check in the mail and am adding it to my challenge money.

$000.04 balance
+005.00 Pinecone
$005.04 April MTD

Better get hoofing on the challenge, eh?

I spent some time in the waiting rooms rereading The Automatic Millionaire and went in this a.m. and changed a few things around for my kids on their regular pay things to make them automatic. Hopefully that will save a bit of hassle down the road.

4 Responses to “Nose Hair Exam Anyone?”

  1. NJDebbie Says:

    I was wondering where you were? Smile

  2. Petunia Says:

    I've been successfully avoiding bifocals for a few years. I do not want to be officially old. . . but my younger sister now has them. So if she has them and is now officially old, does that make me officially old since I'm older than her??

  3. littlemama Says:

    Love the picture!

  4. baselle Says:

    Last year was my year for bifocals. I'm better, but I'm pretty the muscles on the back of my neck are now like steel cables from all the leaning back that I have to do.

    Oh yeah, there are now some interesting hearing aids that sit in the ear canal next to the ear drum. They are fished out of your ear with a magnet attached to a cable.

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