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'08 Frugalis Abbrv. Home Tour-Photo Intensive

January 1st, 2008 at 08:27 am

2008 Frugalis Abbreviated Home Tour

Warning, Warning, Warning, Photo Intensive, so those with slower computers might wish to back away now!

I always enjoy seeing pictures of Fern's house so, since the house is halfway clean this morning as we had company last night, I thought it was the appropriate time to snap a few pictures. Welcome to a partial tour of the Frugalis Homestead.

Come On In

Get In This House, It's cold out there!!!!

Do not adjust your screen folks. Remember, my house was originally built in 1942 and everything is slightly off kilter from one view to the next! I promise I did not hit the nog last night!! House has been added on to and added on to, so it is a bit of a maze!

The front door
This was the door that was painted shut when we bought the house! The glass panes were also painted over and there was no egress thru the front of the house! OMGosh, who did such a goofy thing??? It took me forever man to scrape all that paint off those panes and to gouge out all the paint around the door itself!


Yeah, when you come to visit, I'll let you sleep in the foyer! Ha! That's probably my favorite piece of the furniture in the house. That table w/the stained glass has a full size fold-out bed in it. I got it as a gift a million years ago from my Mom & Stepdad when I bought my first home - a little efficiency condo. It's moved with me a bunch of times. That sucker is heavy!!! No, really, we'll just throw the egg-crate foam on there and you won't feel that foldy-up-the-bed-bar in your back hardly at all! Big Grin

View to Dining Room

The little gossip bench was another early gift from my Mom & StepDad! Thank God for my parents thru the years or we would have no furniture!!! That little seat has moved w/me many, many times!! Okay, who forgot to put the phone book back?

Need to repaint the floor trim & next on the HoneyToDoList is to put up crown molding all thru the house. I think I'll have to spend a small fortune on caulk though, because as you can see there isn't a straight line at the ceiling anywhere in the house! All those variations at ceiling line? Not painter's errors, but wavy ceilings!

Okay, let's back track and go to...

Next, a small hint of the Sun Room, well, it's got a cool old wavy glass door and the floor is the pits right now w/stacks of books, so ummmm...yeah, we won't go any farther in here today.

But, yes, that the big club chair I bought from Mom last year w/some money I had saved for that purpose. And the curtain is sooooo cool. I bought it to resell, but haven't been able to turn loose of it yet. It's rather on the coolish side. I paid a dollar for it last year on vacation at a thrift store in AZ, & will probably resell in about the 18 dollar range! How's THAT for a return on my investment?

The 500 lb. monster TV we want to replace! The LAUGH sign was a Christmas gift from my ex-SIL, that's not it's permanent home, will have to find it another spot, but, you'd laugh too if you had all that crappy filing to do!! EGADS it's about to topple!! The old green desk is a cool architect's drafting table that I begged for until I got it from my Step-Dad. Came out of his shop! I LOVE IT!!

It's old & chippy and the top of the table tilts up and has a coolio little brass doo-hickey-ma-bob that holds it the designated angle. Really cool. Would like to put an aluminum top on it someday. With my extra cash, doncha' know???? One of my pipedreams I suppose. Have yet to price it out though, it might be much more reasonable than I'm imagining.

And here we come to...

LL Frugalis Headquarters

Here's where I'm a'sitting and typing to you my dear friends & faithful readers.

Yeah, I get the big chair. It belongs to Hubster as it was a Father's Day gift about five years ago, but I abscounded with it awhile back. I log more hours at the desk. Hubster gets the little chair in the evening times to play Halo2 or whatever it is he is cuzzing & discussing at over there.

This is a neat, neat old desk we share that I got at a barn sale. It is over 150 years old and I love it!! Chippy, crackly, creaky, unevenness and all. The white spot on the end there is from some kind of laminated paper that is clearly from the 40's or 50's.

I'd eventually like to cover it with some patterned leather, but yeah, it is cool just like it is. Operations central. New curtains from Mom, need to iron!!! It's always something!! That's the door to the sunroom...

My nice wooden end tables are missing as they are over at FIL's house 'dressing' it for sale.

Miss Toffee - Queen of the World!!!

Ooops, I forgot a couple of ornaments in the put-away the other day! Love my oak plate rack! I paid way, way too much for it, but yeah, it's a keeper. Aren't the cute little feety egg cups I got from my niece adorable?! Love Them!!!

Corner of the kitchen

I paid 50 cents for the oak beveled mirror over the stove! A certified STEAL...women, do not let your men price or man the garage sale alone, okay? I'm just saying. They could've easily gotten $50-65 for it. That's the utility room you can just glimpse in the mirror. Remember last year me getting Hubster to finally put trim sticks around the kitchen cabinets. They were HORRID w/o them!!

Corner of the dining room

Okay, this is the possum belly table that holds way too much stuff!! I paid a God-awful amount of money for this puppy, but I really love it. Ya think it's going to sink my houseboat someday??? But, I only paid $8.00 for the beautiful brass lamp at the thrift store!! The matching one sits in the living room. Hey, who crammed those styro cups up there??

Okay, the rest of the dining room and stuff is kinda piled up, so maybe later, huh? Honestly, now just where did you think the rest of the crap from off my desk was hiding???

The Hubster and the rest of the crew are still sacked out in the other rooms and I'll have to go click some pics of the newly repainted bathroom, utility room, bedrooms, etc. later! So, folks, that concludes this portion of the tour.

Thanks for stopping by! Ya'll come back now, ya hear!!!! Any time!!!

20 Responses to “'08 Frugalis Abbrv. Home Tour-Photo Intensive”

  1. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    Oh, thanks, I enjoy seeing other people's homes. I especially like the yellow walls. But that piece with the fold out bed is just too cool. And I love the hutch over the dining room "Possum table." Do you know what the point of the possum pouch is? I am only familiar wit pouches like that on old furniture, where a door tips out and things like potatoes, onions, or even dry goods are stored. The drawers over it surprised me. Are they fake drawers that actually open up in one big tip-down piece?

    Hey, I paid $26 for a mirror about like that at a thrift store. Interesting to put it over the stove (which like mine, in my small even older 1910 house, is an "apartment size" stove with no apparent outside ventilation.) I bet you have to clean that mirror all the time. My kitchen is tiled in white, and I am forever cleaning the tiles of cooking debris that goes out into the air. Wish I had a stove vent, but am not going to break through a brick wall to add it.

    More, more! I'd love to see more! Smile

  2. collegemomma Says:

    I love the old desk you are using for your computers! Awesome find!

  3. midlight21 Says:

    Joan you said "And I love the hutch over the dining room "Possum table." Do you know what the point of the possum pouch is? I am only familiar wit pouches like that on old furniture, where a door tips out and things like potatoes, onions, or even dry goods are stored. The drawers over it surprised me. Are they fake drawers that actually open up in one big tip-down piece?"

    Yes, this is a really old piece. The possum belly drawers are metal on the bottom. They pull straight out to hold flour, sugar, etc. There are cool old 'mice' nawings on this thing. Now I know some wouldn't think that is cool, but to me it adds character to the piece.

    Those are real drawers above the possum belly part. Also there but hard to see in my out of focus picture is a pull out board upon which to make bread, write a recipe, or sit to eat. I'll take more pictures another time and go into more detail about it's innards.

    "I bet you have to clean that mirror all the time."

    Yep! Sure do, but I have two teens still at home, I like to see what they're up to, mouthing, eating &/or doing on the other side of the kitchen!! You know boys who hit around on each other, sneak a cookie, roll theirs eyes at Mom, etc.!! A mirror, it's a good thing!!

    "Wish I had a stove vent, but am not going to break through a brick wall to add it."

    Me too!!! I want one, but where my stove sits is right in the middle of the house and if we were to go up w/a vented hood the pipe would go right thru the center of the attic room right above it. Not good!

    "More, more! I'd love to see more! Smile"

    Thanks Joan. I'd like to post more, but will do it another day and go on a more room by room or piece by piece basis. I'd like to show others how OVER TIME you can have nice things bought at a fraction of the cost and most everything in my home was bought at deep discount or like everyone's home, each of the possessions inside have a story or great $$ deal behind it!

  4. midlight21 Says:

    Thanks Collegmomma! I really like it. I called it a desk but what it really is, is an old farm kitchen table. The perspective is off in the photos and is much bigger than it looks in those pics to me. What is cool about it is the REAL old crinkle/crackle finish to the paint. Not store bought and fake-o, but deserved by time. The other neat thing is there is no paint on the bottom of the legs as that's where it was mopped around in the man I bought it from's Great-Grandmother's kitchen. Shame, shame on him for selling his Gr.Gran's stuff, but I'm glad he did. Hubster and I wink at each other over the top of our back-to-back monitors!

  5. Broken Arrow Says:

    That's a very lovely house! Much personality and all very tasteful.

  6. midlight21 Says:

    Thank you Broken Arrow, coming from you that is high praise indeed! How do you like my little feng shui money frog by the front door? He was a little chippy plaster fellow painted all green & RED that I picked up at a garage sale for a quarter and spray painted gold.

  7. crazyliblady Says:

    I love that fold out bed. I never would have guessed it was a bed. I might have thought it was a hutch or something. And I just love your kitchen. It's so bright and airy, unlike mine which has pits, scratches, and dips in the lineoleum. My cabinets are made of plywood. But we are trying to find some way to get my dh some work right now so we can pay off our medical bills and credit card. Then, we will buy a house.

  8. baselle Says:

    Hey, you just gave us all a tip.

    Yard sales "manned" by men probably have better deals than the ones "manned" by women.

  9. DeniseNTexas Says:

    Oh, you have a lovely home! Thank you for sharing it with us. What a nice way to start the new year! Smile

  10. scfr Says:

    Your artistic personality is certainly showcased in your lovely home!

  11. shiela Says:

    What a lovely house. I'm still trying to figure out the folding bed. How does it work?

  12. koppur Says:

    love the pics! and the puppy! Smile

  13. midlight21 Says:

    Thanks everybody for stoppping by! And Shiela, I've made a new blog entry with photos to help you picture how it works.

  14. sagegirl Says:

    I love, love, love the hanging pendant-style lamp in the second pic. Very pretty.

  15. midlight21 Says:

    Thanks sagegirl, it came from my inlaws estate and before that it hung in the old local movie theatre-house that is sadly no longer!

  16. fern Says:

    I love your house! Thanks for giving us a peek!

    I liked that hand, reminded me of that hand in a box on the Munsters, was it? And your HQ is very elegant.

  17. Aleta Says:

    Love your home and your personality really shines through. Loved the gossip chair. To those who don't remember phones before the portable and cell phones came out; a setup like that was the best option unless you had a 100 foot cord. You couldn't go anyway so the seat and telephone table were connected.

    Thanks for letting us peek into your home. It is lovely!

  18. midlight21 Says:

    Fern, I bought the hand, on my buying trip to TX in October, to either use in my antique booths to display jewelry on, or to sell outright in one of the booths. It has yet to make it there. Smile That's the way of this juntiquing stuff - I buy with the intention to resell and usually some items will stick around for a short while, and others take up permanent residence. But if I get too tired of a motif, then off it goes to the booths. I've just about cleared out all the old cobalt blue glassware that I collected for years this way.

    Thanks Aleta! My grandmother had the neatest phone table & chair, but my niece inherited it and has it up in her little attic room w/such a cute display!! Mine is not as memory filled as hers, but I love it, as it, like much of my furniture, has been with me a long, long time!

  19. tiki Says:

    I like the office area--love the plum wall and the white mirror, which bounces off the black leather chair nicely. And the gold curtains work well as an accent. Nice mix of matte and shiny, old and new. Good color sense!

  20. midlight21 Says:

    Thanks Tiki - I read some decorator some where that said no room was complete without a miror, a trashcan, and a touch of black somewhere!

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