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Violating Poor Piggy

December 17th, 2007 at 01:50 pm

Violating Poor Piggy

Yes, That's The Victim!

Photo Credit: Lux Living Frugalis

Oh My! I had to stick a ruler up Piggy to get out the dollar bills from last month's $20 Challenge. First I tried the needle nose pliers. No luck. All the dollar bills seems to have gone to Piggy's head. I think I heard a squeal or two as I ripped the dollars away from his clutches.

I have violated poor Piggy!! Ripped asunder and plundered!!

Alas, it is for good cause. I am sooooo behind on doing my money stuff, partially because we are in the Midsouth and have been without electricity for a good week. This is November Challenge money I have to get to the bank and then on to my IRA.

Also, I am going to try to get all my 2007 IRA contributions in before the 31st. It is too confusing to me to be putting in 2007 contributions on into April of '08! Not going to do it this year if I can help it.

Okay, so November money is out of Piggy and I've got $2.99 sitting on the desk waiting to go in towards December's challenge. Yes, really behind AGAIN! GRRR!! Got to get up off my behind and get this stuff center focus again.

1)Nov $$'s to the bank this afternoon!
2)Nov $$'s to the IRA this afternoon!
3)Dec Challenge $$'s into poor Piggy!
4)Work on final Christmas push!


$00.00 balance
+02.99 Piggy's Solace
$02.99 Dec MTD

2007 Challenge Total $264.69
Cumulative Challenge Total $390.80

Don't worry about poor Piggers too much - Nothing a good deposit or two won't fix right up and he'll be back to his old smiley self!

How about it, do you find it difficult to track your IRA contributions if you run over from year to year?

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