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Purse Cleanout & Vacation Expenses

July 23rd, 2007 at 01:57 pm

Cleaning out the purse and adding my personal leftover vacation spending money to the $20 Challenge which will be added to my IRA!

$20 Challenge

$02.97 balance
+30.35 unclutched
$33.32 July MTD

2007 Challenge $218.53
Cumulative Total $344.64

Nice to note as well as we left the house w/$750 in vacation cash and came home after 10 fun days away w/a bit over $300. YEAH!!! We ate out 3 times at 'eat-in' restaraunts and many times going & coming in the fast food joints and went to many free events while we were away. We took one copy box full of groceries & spent $80 at the grocery store upon our arrival. Our best vacation expense? We spent $1.22 + tax for birdseed to feed the birds outside our resort condo.

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