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DramaKing Makes A Move

June 29th, 2007 at 03:19 pm

Adding to the $20 Challenge.

$08.40 balance
+14.02 addition
$22.42 June MTD

I haven't been keeping up with this as I've just been stashing the cash on the dresser and am ready to tidy up accounts for the end of the month.

We've had a wild, wild month here as CashHappySon has pulled a few stunts and let's just say that he's ready (so is his dear ol'mutha for him...) to move out but can not yet afford the local market rates and he doesn't have a buddy that needs a roommate, so I now have a new renter in my basement. So, he's gotten a bit of 'release' but yet he's not so far that we can't check on him and he can continue to save for the 'big move' sometime in the future.

He is paying a nominal rate that should cover his little bit of extra electricity usage (microwave, fan & dorm refrigerator) and thusly I've increased my income a bit. The walkout basement is not heated nor cooled, but yet maintains a nice even 68 degrees year round. But w/o a fan in the summertime it is a bit clammy feeling sometimes.

I should mention that the basement is plumbed. It's not quite the belly of the whale, but close!

He is still required to help w/lawn maintenance and attend church with us on Sunday and has a standing invitation to Sunday lunch. However, he now has to do all his own banking and laundry care and prepare for himself all other meals. Things Mom used to help with.

I love this boy dearly but he has always been 'high maintenance' and known to us as the DramaKing, so it is a bit of relief that he is making the move toward freedom. Also sad to see the birdies flying the coop. A mixed feeling for Mom. The only mandatory thing that is required to keep the low rental rate?

He MUST shower each day!


He works in a machine shop and that oily smell is icky and pervasive!! He also is STILL (awwww Mom!!) required to let us know of his comings and goings.

His fixed expenses are:

$100 rent
$100 car insurance (he tags on older brother's rate)
$100 orthodontist
$200 IRA contributions

Gasoline runs around $100-140 a month.

He normally pulls about $1000-1100.00 a month. Some months a bit more and others less. He is supposedly to have a raise on today's paycheck. We shall see what amount.

Local apartments rent for an efficiency about $399 PLUS you pay your own utilities. He's just not quite there yet. We've been telling him that for a year or so now, but it took some literal visits to the local dumps & high end apartments and everything in between for him to see that he really can't afford to do the swinging batch' dealywho just YET! He is 18, with a birthday coming up in the next couple of months.

Pray for us all!! Big Grin

2 Responses to “DramaKing Makes A Move”

  1. Ima saver Says:

    Good luck!!

  2. fairy74 Says:

    He'll get there, best wishes to mom and dad!

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