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Million Bells & Nekkid Radiant Gloryness

June 14th, 2007 at 02:03 pm

A Few Years Ago On the Front Patio

Photo staged to sell desk part on ebay-before house got painted

That's my PRIVATE sunroom peeking out over on the right

Seems the talk this morning is all about the garden, reminding me of an e-mail letter I wrote to a friend about a year ago! Here's an excerpt:

The Iris are in bloom, they look so stately with their sturdy stems and haughty heads! Back in the creek are the buttery-yellow daffodils, not to be confused w/the bright yellows. These are a churny butter color w/ruffled edges and look like they are fairy butter sculptures.

This week we have put out the banana trees; and the Margarita vines, which are the real show stoppers in the garden. They are that cool lime green color that stands out from the rest.

This week I planted two in a new 'old' junk treasure that the boys dug up for me from the 'junque' pile' we are dismantling in the back! It is an old enameled electric wash tub on a stand, you know the kind that had the handwringer on the top just like grandma used to have.

Tis cool and rusty and I gotta get it painted before the rust that's holding it together disintegrates! The other thing on the list is to get the BINKITY PINKITY bath-tub sealed up to hold water and get a fountain in there to keep it 'fresh and natural' like, and get some aquatic plants going in it.

We have laid down a new path in the garden this week, lots of weeding, weeding and more weeding, put out deisel, planted the geraniums, and hauled off junk, junk and more junk to the dump!!!

This morning I have seen the four'oclocks starting out of the ground, they are kinda my favorite as they are very clever flowers indeed. They have all sorts of neat BRIGHT colors which kinda sing all on the same plant! The nicotinia are volunteering themselves this year, they are the smell good of the flower bed. Some Per-fuuuff! You'll be walking along and shazam u is transported by the wafting breeze! I like it.

The indoor plants have gone out for their yearly sunbaths, found a volunteer poppy and volunteer wood violet this morning, and got out the cosmos seed, the road daisies seed, the sweet peas are 'soakin' getting ready to hit dirt, and planted up the glory vine, the hyacinth vine, moved some phlox around, etc., etc., etc. The garden stuff is lots of work, but tis so pretty!

Oh and the johnny-jump-ups are volunteering themselves this year as well! Isn't that nice of them to sign up for duty w/o any work on my part? YES INDEED!

The azaleas are also popppppping out at me this week, as are the snowdrops, the wood violets are in bloom, the geraniums and the grape hyacinths w/their little nappy burple heads are up. Everything is starting to sing, dance and look so good.

Autumn Joy Sedum

The morning glories are taking off like mad, and I am still working on getting last years old vines down...I may make it before this years crop overruns us...they are kinda like kudzu once they get going. I think the neighbors must worry about the poor soul who wanders the garden at night, pulling on the 2 1/2 acres worth of fence rows. I've got a real billowy white nightie that really shows all ghostly bright in the night...I think I must scare the hebeebajeebies out of 'em!!! ...well, mostly they do keep their distance in the daylight hours! Big Grin I have ways of keeping my privacy!

And YEAH TEAM, ~~finally~~ both my Clematis vines are ~~Finally~~ established and ~~FINALLY~~ going like gangbusters up over the fences and trellises - finally Finally FINALLY! Have had to buy & replant three times trying to get them started!! Thank You God!!! Never Give UP!!!

Today, this afternoon am going to put out my sunflower seeds - they make me happy, and some coreopsis (looks kinda like a yellow daisyish thingawhichie) that Mrs. Stinnett gave me seed for last year. I certainly hope they come up so I can give a Good Report! Ha! Cuz I know she'll be asking me!!! Oh yeah, got the red, yellow & white onions in the ground yesterday, still to go are the squash and okra! Also planted this week another GIFT (do you get as many as me??????) of a great big purple rose bush! HA!!! Thank you God!

It's so funny. I think, I need a 'whatchie' to go here God, and it comes in gift form! Is HE GREAT or WHAT???????????????????? Same thing happened this week and got a potful of some other good thing that was going to be a big expense...ta-da! He PROVIDES!!! You Gotta Gotta GOTTA love HIM!!! Even when I don't receive as a gift, I receive at a bargain price. The rose needed a trellis...when what to my wondering eyes should appear at a garage sale but one for a quarter! A QUARTER!! HA!!!

You must continue to Be Kind to me or LLFrugalis will plant you 40 zuchinni plants!! One plant for each year in the wilderness. Did you know I was 40 years old when I met you???? Ha!!! Twill be a LITTLE gift!!! heheheee Coming On Strong in the NEXT wave of color are the bright orange day-lily's we dug those out of a ditch on a country road!!!

They are just like the one's Momma used to have in her garden when I was a kid.

Number next tis the hostas are coming on from under their leaf beds, and the bleeding hearts are starting to lean over which means they'll be dripping their little pretty pink hearts soon, and how could I forget to tell ya about the NAKED LADIES???? ha!!! They are about ready to pop.

Do you know what they are? They are kinda like an oniony lookin bulb, but they lay dormant all year when right when you least expect it they pop up out of the ground, grow really fast, put out one bright pink or red bloom, then poof, they are gone, died back and gone. They are always a surprise cuz you forget that they are gonna give ya a 'Sneak Peak', and badabing bada boom...TA - DA!! There they are in all of their NEKKID RADIANT GLORYNESS!!! Think they are called nekkid, cuz there are no leaves on the flower portion maybe??? Who knows...but that's their common name.

You oughta see this one plant I got, it's called 'Million Bells', and tis true. The sucker puts out a ba-gillion flowers, and they are so pretty, with hot pink and pale yellow and peach colored blooms. Very Smart looking! The other thing that is really looking neat is a hot pink phlox plant that is tumbling over the side of the cement block wall. Makes it look ever so much more pretty than that ugly, unpainted thing we had when we arrived.

Things are coming along. Methinks it all looking very pretty all about me!! This place was the absolute pits outside when we got here!!! THE PITS!!! Tis been a lot of work, but it has been good for the little chillens and is part of the reason we were looking to buy a place w/some land...they needed a physical outlet and to learn how to labor. Boy, have they labored!!! Only thing is I wasn't thinking about who was gonna hafta be out there teaching them how it was done every step of the way!!! HA!! But it is good for body and soul and I am glad to have it to do! I love my house!! And my yard!!!

And guess what, I have a shoe-box full of seeds that still need to go in the ground!! What was I thinking this year when I bought so many??? And saved so many from last year???? BONKERS!!

1 Responses to “Million Bells & Nekkid Radiant Gloryness”

  1. fern Says:

    oh my goodness, you sure are up to your eyeballs in blooms, blossom and green stuff.

    Speaking of volunteers, i've got Virginia rose (a native) going gangbusters ever since i rescued it from the edge of my property where the soil was very poor. I was trying to go for a privacy hedge, but they simply didn't like it there. In their new position near the front door, they get lots of sun and fantastic loamy soil and they are sending out underground runners every which way. I'm gonna have to pull some out like weeds!

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