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April 7th, 2007 at 02:51 pm

Color My World

How does this new color scheme look?


How do I get to change the border color on the pictures??? Blue is not working w/this scheme. I can see where it might not work with other folk's pallettes as well.


How do I increase the font size on the comments section? ...being as us older geezettes have a hard time seeing the print that small. I understand it needs to be some smaller but I can barely see it. Did I do something to it accidentally?
I think so, as everyone else's comments are larger! OOOPS!! Help!!


How did Nate get that guys picture up in the header on April Fools day??


Can we do anything with all the extra space over on the right and if so how to?

Isn't this fun????? Woooo!!! I like! Thanks Nate & Jeffrey!!! Ya'll are the greatest.

All comments and criticisms sought!! But of course you know I like the cyber-hugs the bestest!!!

**AND YES, I do NEEEEEEEEEED one of these T-birds lifesize!!

1 Responses to “Color My World”

  1. Lux Living Frugalis Says:

    OOOhhhh, did someone come by and do a fix on my stuff?? Had I thrown a warbler in the mix?? At any rate now the comments size is back to normal! YEAH!!!

    Thanks Blog Angels!!

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