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These Days Are Over!!

April 5th, 2007 at 07:52 pm

These Days Are Over!!

Great News!! THE Hubster got a 3% raise - the first in four long years!


Hot Diggity!!

Now maybe we can have some ham with our beans??

I'm grateful!!

However, I'm not unaware that it seems that perhaps the world sees a 3% increase as a normal thing?? Why would I say that? Because when I work with the financial planning calculators for retirement planning they most all have as a standard input 3% increases yearly until retirement! Is the rest of the world getting these once a year??

The man has got to learn to toot his own horn more often - He saves his company more than his whole yearly wages just about every single day by catching errors before they reach production (meaning tens and tens of thousands daily. - yes, he's ISTJ AND a Virgo!) You'd think they could be a tad bit more generous. I know - it's his job, but I'm thinking he does it so well and so consistently that no one realizes he's actually doing it!!

TOOT Baby TooT!!

Anyway, it's not enough to do anything major with but a blessing none-the-less!

Raise effective next paycheck. Nope, I'm not forgetting he did get a bonus at Christmas time, but it was under a thousand smackers.

6 Responses to “These Days Are Over!!”

  1. Elly Says:


    I think 3% is pretty standard once a year where I work.

  2. moi aussi Says:

    Congrats!!! 3% is pretty standard once a year. He deserves more, but 3% is something!!!

  3. Ima saver Says:

    That great!!

  4. homebody Says:

    My husband also got a raise this year after four years. I have friends who don't get raises every year.

  5. StressLess Says:

    Congratulations, you've had quite a wait!

    And kudos on the cool pictures you always come up with. Smile Gosh, what is this one, the world's oldest student?

  6. Lux Living Frugalis Says:

    Ha - That was me, going over the earnings records!!!

    Thanks for the support guys!!!

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