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Monitoring the Monitor

September 8th, 2006 at 03:22 pm

Monitoring the Monitor

Awhile back The Hubster went on a computer upgrading spending spree and liked to have given me a heart-attack!! We finally had to have a Come To Jesus Heart to Heart T.A.L.K.

Stop Spending Already!!!

Well, he trades. ALOT. If we were in the old west I'd be up to my hipwaders in horse hock-ey-tooey because he would have been a darned good horse trader.

So, really this isn't a complaint...he just does a bunch of it...a little finagle here, I can sell this there, add to it from here and viola we've got a whole new system hunnnnneyyyy! Yeah right!!

Of course. Sure you can dear.

Yes, he finally sold the old monitor & speakers the other day and was happily getting ready to toddle off with the moola when THE MONEY MONITOR (yours truly) rightly explained to him that...

So Sorry, those funds go back into the Emergency Fund from which I so kindly let you borrow them against all kinds of my better judgement!

Oh yeah, right, I had forgotten all about that! Un-huh, sure ya did...that's what I'm here for lambykins!!

The Monitor is always on duty!


Trust me I know how hard it can be. Back in the old days all you needed was a creepy lair and a hunchbacked assistant to watch your stashO'cash.

There is one monitor here that he'd like to have go on the fritz every now and then so to speak, if you KWIM?

TOO BAD, ain't happening Sweet Lips!!

So, that's why yesterday I had to make two bank runs...one to deposit working boys' paychecks and then off to our bank to return the goods ($160) to their hidey-hole! Leak Plugged!!

Thank you vera' much!!

2 Responses to “Monitoring the Monitor”

  1. Bookie Says:


    Details at 11:00.


  2. yummy64 Says:

    Sounds like the sheriff was in town today and made everyone toe the line!

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