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Tooling On Down to the Mailbox

September 1st, 2006 at 01:02 am

Tooling On Down to the Mailbox

So, I was tooling on down to the mailbox which for some goofy reason sits on the street to the side of my house instead of in front of my house and when I get there what did I find that made it worth my while to take a hike?

A refund from a train trip that didn't pan out in July! $175.00 smackos!!

I think instead of putting it back in my short term savings account (my own personal project fund) that I'm gonna haul it on over to the Gift fund which is looking kinda thin after the six (6) count them I said six August birthdays!!

Three of those birthdays which called for a specially cooked meal with of course the most expensive of all my recipes requested for their special Birthday Dinner. Three Birthday Dinners, Six Gifts, and Six Birthday Cakes! I am so not eating any cake for at least another 2 months!!

So not only did the Gift fund get a heavy hit, so did the Grocery fund. Anyway, Christmas is creeping nearer so off to the Gift fund it goes!

Ca-Ching! 175.00!! I feel so much better as the projected budgets for the rest of the year were looking pale pale pale in the Gift sector! YEAH REFUND!!

Happier Holidays Ahead!

Now if I could just get the post office to move my mailbox to my street!! It's really goofy and throws all the delivery folks. My house faces one street, but my address is for the street on the side of my house. I get lost coming home myself!! Luckily my refund didn't!

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  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    What is it about August? I have my daughter, my aunt, my neice, my step-neice, my daughter and my husband having birthdays then. It is the most prolific month with most people I know. Is there something in the air in November, or is it too cold for people to get out from under the covers then? LOL

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