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Meet the Queens

August 24th, 2006 at 02:17 pm

Meet the Queens

These are the beloved animules that guard my couch and see that no one else gets on there! They are experts at the job.

Although I am with them all day they love The Hubster more than me. I am deeply saddened at their disloyalty. Deeply!!

Toffee - Head Queen

She came from the pound when my husband was laid off and following me around like a sick kitten to a hot rock. He needed something, anything to get him out from in front of my hearth as I domesticated about. So, we made a pound run and here she is. My little fur ball. Yes, we SAY she is his, but really she's mine all mine. Come here baby!

Why is it that we humans compete for animals' affections??

Her favorite time of day is nighttime when we girls go get on 'The BIG Girl's Bed.'

Next is Carmel. Queen in Waiting.

Miss Carmel Corn. That's her OFFICIAL name, but she runs the gamut from Carmie, to MizzCarmelitaJones, to Carmie-duggie.

She wandered up as a puppy. I was outside cleaning up the yard in January of last year when I heard this little yip from behind the fence. She was such a little cutie and soft as soft could be. She is a beauty. So, you can see that she just somehow wormed her way into the household.

She has 'sticks' and balls that she plays with and you can play sneak up on her and she has the best time growling at you.

She's such a pretty dog. A smiler. Her vice? She's a goat girl and will eat most anything.

CashHappySon would not believe me when I told him that she was a she and not a he - you know a boychild dog and it took some serious convincing from the vet that CashHappy needed to rethink his naming her Old Yeller. CashHappy thinks Carmel belongs to him. I let him pay her vet bills and buy every other bag of dog food. Shhhh...don't tell him, but really, she's mine! All mine. Come here babydoll!! Bring Momma your stick.

Oh, and Toffee's real name is Sweet Black Toffee. And she's often known as The Toftster, or The Tofferoni, The Great Toffereenie - others as the Tofferweinnie. Or just plain Toff.

She has an aversion to my kitchen timer and it sets her off into barking outerspace. Her vice? She tries to outsnore The Hubster.

The Toffereenie does not deign to play with anything. And yes the sign does mean her.

BEWARE of Dog!

Attack Weinie!

Come here sweetie and talk to Momma!! You sweet darlin' you!! I've got a little treat for ya.

How does this relate to finances you ask? hmmm...then obviously you've never owned a pet that's one of the family!! It can get shall I say, Rather Pricey. Here under 'The Pupsters' Category we will occasionally post about their antics and upkeep.

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