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Grow Your Own! ...no, not that, THiS...

December 29th, 2011 at 01:38 pm

The hanging bottles of Saving Some $$'s...


Love it...now, if he could just figure out how to recirculate from the bottom back to the top on the cheap with a Rube Goldberg...way to also drip in some plant food it would be totally self sufficient except for the planting and harvesting...LOVE IT!!! YUM...cheap eats!

AND, I'm back to making more regular bank runs - taking the weekly change savings to the bank and then moving them online to get a few pennies of interest cooking. Today's haul from Pigger? $5.30.

P.S. In case you missed it, check out my earlier blog this morning for a video interview of Ms. Amy Dacyczyn of Tightwad Gazette fame.

Today's Plans...More than Five

October 19th, 2009 at 07:54 am

Greetings My Lovelys,

Today's TO DO list - Made last night, which is actually a better time to plan, as that way you can hit the ground running rather than kill a perfectly good morning farting around on the computer! Big Grin Who me???

Most of us say we're morning people, so why do we waste the better part of the day?

Everybody on board? cause away we go...

[X]DONE - 1)Make Bank Deposit.

[X]DONE - 2)Call Dentist - make payment plan. Write check.

[X]DONE - 3)Post Office - Drop off bills.

[X]DONE - 4)Move money back local to repay Lux for Tree Surgery.

[X]DONE - 5)Stop AT&T automated payment - so we don't get crammed on that $12.95 IDL charge we didn't authorize. Make online payment instead.

[X]PARTIALLLY DONE - got it purchased. 6)Buy Haircolor for Lux's House of Beauty night. Get it on head!! Big Grin Be boot-i-fied! Under $6 - long hair, buy 2 boxes.

[X]DONE - 7)Buy brackets for Museum Project. Under $3. Plan B - try this afternoon at another place when I go out w/Hubster because Plan A place was closed. Plan B place had them but they were $7.50 in the metro area. Local would've been much cheaper! Procrastination costs again. Frown

8)Package FrugalSon's SOLD painting & prints for shipment! They can go out in tomorrow's mail.

9)Call tribe about sons' enrollment.

[X]DONE - but No Sale - Buyer didn't show - ARRGGHHH!!! 10)Go with Hubster this afternoon to drop off Craiglist sale of extra mirror - $34 inflow.

[X]DONE - 11)Call Jennifer with donation information for Breast Cancer Awareness.

[X]DONE - 12)Have Meatless Monday (thanks Paulette Goddard for the idea!) Beans are soaking for supper.

[X]DONE - 13)Laundry.

I'll update again as the day goes along.

Must get busyyyyyyyyyyy and go to town.

TTYL! Got to go see if Ol' Nellie can get me to town and back.

Your friend,
~L.L. Frugalis, Bus Driver to the Stars

This Week's Wind Up Quickies

September 26th, 2009 at 08:54 am

Worked Thursday to get Hubster's 401-K rolled over to Fidelity. Tried to do it online by ourselves. No luck. Tried to do it online while talking to a Fidelity rep. No luck. Forced to go the old fashioned paper route mainly because of where the 401-K is being held. Crossing fingers. That mail went out Thursday.


On Friday we sold a big old heavy iron smoker/BBQer for $25 using Craigslist. It would not fit into our plans to downsize some time in the future. It was rather gigantic and old, starting to have some rust out issues and I had gotten it for FREE years ago by being a willing Sanford & Son type hauler-away of 'almost' any good junq'ue. We used it for many years when we were hosting church picnics, but that need has fallen away as the church we belong to now is way far away. Haven't decided what to do with this $25 yet, probably divide it up between my various goals. Will make a followup post when I decide. Any condo or smaller house we may buy in the future? Ehhh, we can either get by without a cooker or we'll get a nicer propane one or maybe a nice George Foreman electric grill on a stand.
We're not that big of entertainers any more and we don't grill out often anyway. Yes, I probably could've bought some heat-resistant paint and painted this and got a bit more out of it, but the sides are rusting out, and most importantly I wanted it GONE! One less thing to move if we decide to later.

We are waiting until the September interest posts in our Money Market account to move some of it to Emigrant Direct where it will earn a bit more money. Leaving just enough in MM to cover a true CASH emergency. Haven't decided yet whether to stash the money moved in $1000 incremental CDs ladder, but that's the likely way it'll go. This is our Household Emergency Fund.


Today I deposited $100 in my pre-Roth account aka Grrls Just Wanna Have E-Funds, on my way to getting as much of next year's Roth IRA contributions together as I can. I did this by depositing a check by mail - this is the first time I've made a long-distance deposit of a check into Fidelity. Usually I just deposit locally and then go online and move it. We'll see how it goes. I always feel sketchy about trusting the mail! That envelope went out this a.m.


While I was out I cleaned out my wallet at the bank and deposited $52.02. This & the $100 will go towards my $20 Challenge and in the Grrls Just Wanna Have E-Funds because that's where it temporarily resides. I came home from the bank and moved it to Fidelity.

$106.17 balance
+152.02 check & wallet cleanout
$258.19 Sep MTD

2009 Total = $962.28
Cumulative Total $2016.04


Passed one without stopping but did stop at another garage sale - bought nothing! Yeah me! So today likely to be a No Spend Day as I don't intend on going back out.


Early this a.m. FrugalSon and I hit the walking trail down by the river for a nice 30 minute walk before he had to report to work. Nice and quiet in the park at that time of the morning. Noticed one of our local hospital has installed free bicycles to be loaned out with a CC deposit in case the bikes aren't returned w/i 24 hours. Nicely done with a self-serve set-up! Might have to try that some time.


I'm working on painting crown molding trim's last coat today before it's ready for Hubster's installation portion of the program. This is for the living room.


Rehabbing an old deco 'bow front' chest of drawers that had veneer chipping off. I went to my small town art supply place and they were out of the 'goop' I needed to fill in those chipped out places w/o replacing the veneer. The lady there was nice enough (I am a GOOD regular customer) to loan me her giant tub of it. Came home and filled that stuff in. Chore for this afternoon is to sand it down and start painting it.

I'm also going to do my girlhood bed. I already fixed the veneer on it once with a costly $250 veneer job years and years ago and then all my kids used the bed and the veneer on it is now chipped again as well. So later today I'm planning on hauling it out and filling the chunks in on it as well. And then I'll be painting both these pieces out in a low-gloss black. More AFTER pics to follow later.

Test - Keep Having Boo-Boos

August 24th, 2009 at 06:44 pm

Tried four times now to add an entry.

Gaaa! It keeps evaporating into thin air.

Anybody else having troubles?

I missed my blogoversary yesterday!

I added $367.00 this month to my retirement account from gar. s.
Taking it to the $20 Challenge. Ran it to the bank this a.m. & moved it to retirement account as soon as I got home.

$20 Challenge
$014.71 August balance
+367.00 g.sa.
$381.71 August MTD

In thinking about moving this becomes important to me:

Improve America's Walkability:

$20 Challenge Update

August 17th, 2009 at 09:28 am

I checked Pigger and find $14.71 to add to the $20 Challenge. Will have to come back in later to do totals & updates. Wanting to go to bank now and get it moved to interest bearing account this afternoon!

Violating Poor Piggy

December 17th, 2007 at 05:50 am

Violating Poor Piggy

Yes, That's The Victim!

Photo Credit: Lux Living Frugalis

Oh My! I had to stick a ruler up Piggy to get out the dollar bills from last month's $20 Challenge. First I tried the needle nose pliers. No luck. All the dollar bills seems to have gone to Piggy's head. I think I heard a squeal or two as I ripped the dollars away from his clutches.

I have violated poor Piggy!! Ripped asunder and plundered!!

Alas, it is for good cause. I am sooooo behind on doing my money stuff, partially because we are in the Midsouth and have been without electricity for a good week. This is November Challenge money I have to get to the bank and then on to my IRA.

Also, I am going to try to get all my 2007 IRA contributions in before the 31st. It is too confusing to me to be putting in 2007 contributions on into April of '08! Not going to do it this year if I can help it.

Okay, so November money is out of Piggy and I've got $2.99 sitting on the desk waiting to go in towards December's challenge. Yes, really behind AGAIN! GRRR!! Got to get up off my behind and get this stuff center focus again.

1)Nov $$'s to the bank this afternoon!
2)Nov $$'s to the IRA this afternoon!
3)Dec Challenge $$'s into poor Piggy!
4)Work on final Christmas push!


$00.00 balance
+02.99 Piggy's Solace
$02.99 Dec MTD

2007 Challenge Total $264.69
Cumulative Challenge Total $390.80

Don't worry about poor Piggers too much - Nothing a good deposit or two won't fix right up and he'll be back to his old smiley self!

How about it, do you find it difficult to track your IRA contributions if you run over from year to year?

$11.00 to Challenge

April 28th, 2007 at 04:41 pm

Photo credit: Lalunublanca

Took $11.00 on a bank run this a.m. towards the $20 Challenge.

16.04 balance
11.00 from allowance
27.04 MTD

2007 Challenge $140.01
Cumulative Total $266.12

Up One Dollar

April 2nd, 2007 at 07:24 am

Up One Dollar

I'm inching my automatic contributions to my separate 'Bank Run' Retirement account up a little bit at a time.

This month we went from 42.00 to 43.00. Not a large increase but this is how I make it less painful. We'll see how this month goes as I started the Ameritrade Suze Orman dealybop and it may tax my little income beyond strain.

You know like those lycra shorts that just because we can get in them doesn't mean we should trot on down to the Walmart store in and scare the local population. KWIM???

I may have to scale this back again, but we'll see. Let's just keep our fingers crossed hoping that seam doesn't rrrriiiipppppppp!!!

No, $1.00 doesn't stretch me too thin, but the extra $50 over to Ameritrade might!

I plan to go this afternoon to the Antique Mall and pick up my March check and see if there is good news there or not. Sales have been off here since the first of the year because of all the bad weather we had and then since I was sick I didn't get to go restock/reorganize but maybe once or twice since the end of the year and I usually go once a week. Hopefully I'm now up to snuff health wise so that I can work it the way it deserves and thusly increasing my income from it.

Anyway, posted income of $3.67 interest income on that little growing account over on the right for March. When this reaches $1000, I'll be popping it off somewhere - likely into a CD, t-bill or to buy a tax lien certificate or some such thing. This is my 'different retirement basket' than my Roth IRA.

Updated mortgage balance today to $22,443.24 w/expected payoff of August 2012.

Spinning Wheels

March 30th, 2007 at 12:18 pm

Spinning Wheels

Okay, life has been revolving on without me and rather sucky over here with the crappy recurring blue-funk 'lost my voice' cold/virus/whatever that we kept passing back around and around at my house. To update the info over on the right...

Paid another $419 on the house - 353.96 normal payment and 65.04 in extra principal. I will update the new balances later.

In Piggy for $20 Challenge for the month is: $23.10 - that is now going into my Roth IRA instead of to the mortgage as I was doing in the past. And speaking of the ol' Roth it finally made it's way from ING over to Fidelity.

Lawseeeeeee, but those folks sho' do take their own little sweet time getting this stuff done. You may not remember but I made my first inquiry into doing this in late DECEMBER folks and it just made it to Fidelity this past week! Sheeesh!!!

We mailed all the paperwork in one envelope for the entire family's Roth IRA accounts over to Fidelity on the same day back in early January I believe. In February I had to mail it again since because true to everyone's predictions of course it must of got lost over at ING!

Hubster's got moved about 3 weeks ago. Mine went early in the past week. CashHappy & Frugal's had to have paperwork mailed a THIRD time!!! I've had to call several times as well.

CashHappySon's made it over yesterday.

And get this -- FrugalSon's is still sitting in ING!

Another call to Fidelity yesterday and hopefully things are moving again. It be enough to make a body pull the very hairs out of their head! Nothing like feeling you are spinning your wheels, heh? THIS is how 'banks/brokerages' act when you want to move your money OUT - but don't YOU dare be late making a payment! GRRRRR and ARRRRGGGHHH!!!!

So far in my Roth at Fidelity I've gone w/FFNOX and FAGIX. I'm still deciding where else to go.

For March to my ADDITIONAL retirement savings goes the bank run money which evened out to a nice $10.11 in change & my regular $42.00 contribution this month. Nothing too exciting.

Of other QUICK news I did read Suze Orman's new book in March and started my $50 account at Ameritrade. We'll see how it goes. Depending on income this may set me back in my keeping up the $42 autodraft on the BankRun monies. I'm hoping that there is enough coming in to do both.

Besides being sick for most of it and as March was a rather long month following the shorter days for earnings of February let us just say that I've had quite a few days of No Spending during March. AND, that I've gotten quite creative in stretching out the pantry goods for meals.

Only one more day till I spend money again! YEEHAH!!! My refrigerator will be grateful for something to cool off! And my crew is getting ready for some 'fresher' foods.

(Do not worry - there was plenty to eat and plenty of money here that I could have gone and spent I am just working very hard to keep w/the YNAB philosophy of only spending last month's earnings in the next month.) Sticking with a budget is more difficult some months than others!

Change In Plans

March 1st, 2007 at 07:55 am

Change In Plans

If we pay an additional $64.50ish a month between now and August 2012 we will pay off our mortgage right at the same time The Hubster is slated for retirement.

The figures below do not include today's payment that I just made of $419.00, which was actually a nice rounded up figure of $65.04 + 353.96 to come out an even 419.00.

Countrywide's little accelerating payments calculator came up with this future forecast:

Scheduled Monthly Payment: $353.96
Total Additional Payments: $4,264.02
Total Interest Payments Without Pre-Payment: $5,721.46
Total Interest Payments With Pre-Payment: $4,601.53
Interest Saved: $1,119.93
Total Reduction in Term: 1 Year(s) 9 Month(s)

I'll be charting an updated mortgage balance tomorrow when today's payment posts - I'm expecting it to be in the 22,798.00 range.

I have decided that we will pay the extra 65ish a month, but won't be paying any additional down on the mortgage, thus making a change in my $20 Challenge.

Our joint budget (house budget) will be making the additional payment 65ish (early payoff right at retirement) and I'll be taking my $20 Challenge money and putting it directly into my Roth IRA instead of on the mortgage.

Thanks to everyone here for finally convincing me that it is the better option for our financial bottom line.

This is a compromise of sorts, as we could just take the 65ish and put it into retirement as well, but gosheedagnabit, I LIKE the idea of entering retirement with our home paid for.

The Bank Run Challenge $$'s will still go into my Extra Retirement Savings which will be invested outside of the Roth.

2/24/07 Bank Run - Monthly Recap

February 24th, 2007 at 01:31 pm

2/24/07 Bank Run - Monthly Recap

Today's bank run was $3.33.

February 2007 monthly recap:

2/1 42.00 autodraft
2/3 $3.50
2/13 2.58
2/21 1.92
2/23 2.17
2/24 3.33

That should wrap up February on the deposit side...for a total of $55.50 extra into my personal retirement account. News of interest posted will come later, but should fall somewhere in the 3.30-3.60 range. Current balance is $835.57.

Of note is that today is the first time I didn't go myself but sent CashHappySon driving alone to make my deposit for me. Today is a Total Pajama Day for me! And will also be a No Spend Day.

I did spend a bit of time online requesting some new/old financial books from the public library to be delivered & held for me at my local branch. Will try to review them here if I catch the time & motivation both grooving on the same day.

Yesterday was a No Spender as well.

Saturday's Ritual Bank Run

February 17th, 2007 at 06:37 am

Saturday's Ritual Bank Run

Took $1.92 from my leftover's on my allowance to the bank. Then I moved it to Emigrant. While I'm at the bank I get out the money for next week's allowance.

Would this work for everyone? ehh, probably not, but this way I have it available to spend during the week if I want, but if not, then off it goes to my extra retirement savings.

February Bank Runs
$42.00 2/1/07 autodraft
+06.08 previous Feb runs
+01.92 2/17/07 run
$50.00 Feb MTD bank runs

Cumulative Total $830.07

Weekly Bank Run

February 10th, 2007 at 12:54 pm

Weekly Bank Run

Took $2.58 on a bank run! Take THAT, my lil'turtle dove!! A dove was flying alongside the car racing us for part of the way!

45.50 balance
+2.58 2/10/07 run
48.08 Feb MTD

Cumulative Total $828.15

Charting The Bank Run Money

February 3rd, 2007 at 09:25 am

Charting The Bank Run Money

This is an effort to chart the money that is in my Additional Retirement Savings that I add my Bank Run Challenge monies into.

04/dep 05.00 int .00 bal 05.00
05/dep 37.22 int .06 bal 42.28
06/dep 45.05 int .15 bal 87.48
07/dep 41.80 int .30 bal 129.58
08/dep 00.00 int .37 bal 129.95
09/dep 01.25 int .39 bal 131.59
10/dep 06.64 int .46 bal 138.69
11/dep 36.00 int .45 bal 175.14
12/dep 55.99 int .66 bal 231.79

01/dep 36.00 int .84 bal 268.63
02/dep 24.00 int .87 bal 293.50*
03/dep 125.80 int 1.24 bal 420.54
04/dep 39.46 int 1.61 bal 461.61
05/dep 48.61 int 1.89 bal 512.11
06/dep 96.00 int 1.58 bal 434.69**
07/dep 36.00 int 1.93 bal 472.62
08/dep 36.00 int 2.14 bal 510.76***
09/dep 46.02 int 2.25 bal 558.03****
10/dep 52.08 int 2.52 bal 612.63
11/dep 46.96 int 2.64 bal 662.23
12/dep 69.59 int 3.02 bal 734.84

01/dep 42.00 int 3.23 bal 780.07
02/dep 45.50 MTD

Bank Runs Cumulative Total $825.57

*started $36.00 autodraft
**withdrew $175.00 to get started w/ YNAB.com
***joined SA.com & increased autodraft to $42.00
****used $1.00 to start an additional Emigrant savings account

Hopefully making this a separate entry w/more spaces will make it more useful to read. Once the total reaches $1000.00 I'll be taking it out into the world to invest for my old age.

Week 5 Bank Run

February 3rd, 2007 at 07:21 am

Week 5 Bank Run

Photo Credit: Worth1000.com

Took $3.50 to the bank in my Bank Run Challenge. I've been off of this for awhile as all of the remodeling and snow and ice has slowed me down.

01/07 .00 total (autodrafted 42.00)
02/07 3.50 MTD + 42.00 autodraft

Bank Run Challenge
2006 Total $32.98 (after joing SA.com)
2007 YTD $3.50
Cumulative Total $36.48

This extra (different than the $20 Challenge) is in addition to my regular retirement allocation and goes towards investments outside of the traditional retirement investment vehicles.

Right now this money sits in Emigrant piling up - when I get to the $1000 mark it will go out further into the world in some investment or another...depends upon the financial signs of the times prevelant at that moment.

For you newbies, this is money saved out of my spending allowance. Money I was able to conserve by having those No Spend Days. The thing is to have it available to spend if I need it, but if not, then off it goes towards my future. It's usually taken to the bank on Saturday and then moved immediately to an online bank where it can earn higher interest.

To Work, My Pretty Slaves!!

(edited to add): I am updating the Bank Run Challenge portion over on the right as it never did reflect truly how the Bank Run works out for me. I've been doing this since April of 2005 long before joining the Saving Advice.com community. At some point during the game I decided to add automatic drafts for a portion of this and that is the monies that wasn't being reflected here on the site.)

What I would like newbies to pay attention to is the number in the middle -- the interest being earned while we sleep. It keeps growing/compounding because it is compouding upon itself. No, these aren't any big numbers YET, but you'll notice that they do get bigger each month. All together that is $28.60 that Hubster and I did not have to earn by working.

Exceptions to it increasing are when I took money out for a good cause (stop the paycheck to paycheck cylce w/You Need A Budget.com) and when interest rates dropped back a bit.

Little bits added to more little bits does begin to take off! This money is above and beyond what the house budget contributes towards me having a decent old age and was previously being frittered away!

Just Stop It Already & Spare Lung Anyone???

January 13th, 2007 at 09:56 am

Just Stop It Already & Spare Lung Anyone??!!

On today's financial forefront was a phone call to National City Credit Card to STOP sending me those dumb convenience checks. Only took a minute or two, and I did use their toll free number but wish these places did not send this crap out!

No bank run today as we are iced in AND I took all my wallet cash out earlier in the week and stuffed piggy with it for the $20 Challenge anyways. So, nothing there to run with.

Today finds us eating leftover white beans w/ham chunks for lunch. Yummers. That will be the end of that and I'll make us a big pot of potato soup for supper. I love me some tater' soup folks! The best next thing to being home at Momma's and eating HER potato soup! I did get a call from her this morning and they are without electricity but the worst to her was that she won't get to make her weekly trip to the hairdresser! Oh Vanity!! Smile

Of family note is that my sister took my brother to the doctor yesterday and he hasn't been doing his breathing treatments like he should. Doctor gave him a good talking to. Sister asked him on the way home if he understood it all and if he knew what the cure was for the acute pulmonary hypertension that he has.

"Uh, no - a cure???"

Well she tells him..."It's a lung transplant bubba - do you know anyone who's going to give you one of their lungs???? No? Then better start doing those breathing treatments, heh? ...and keeping that oxygen on at ALL TIMES."

His breathing level is practically nil and his heart is already grossly enlarged. Can the boy not get a hint???? Sheeesh! You gotta love my sister, God love her she tells it like it is. No sugarcoating. Just blunt.

It's reality time brother!

Sometimes it feels like a swift kick to the backside is not doing any good and you'd like to go for a good whack up side the head if you thought it would penetrate, ya know????

I got off the phone w/Mom giving me the medical update and walked outside and there was Hubster with a lit cigarrette in hand. I just whacked him right on the shoulder - thru his parka coat and asked if he'd had the quit smoking prescription dealybob filled yet? I already knew the answer was no. He got it from the doc early last week!

I am tired of sitting by the bedside of folks who won't take care of their own health!!!! I gave him the evil eye, I'm watching you look and re-entered the house! Lord help us all!


No spending - I haven't spent any money this week at all - none since last Saturday when I spent 3.24 on drinks for three harried remodeling folks after our sawing & hammering. Yeah me!!

Inch By Inch

December 15th, 2006 at 03:43 pm

Inch By Inch

Adding .27 from CashHappySon.


4.37 balance
+.27 inch by inch
4.64 Dec MTD

Cummulative Total $97.63

I also notice that I didn't post last Saturday's Bank Run of $2.78.

Total Cummulative Bank Runs $32.98.

Blizzard Bank Run - 02 December 2006

December 2nd, 2006 at 01:17 pm

Bank Run - 02 December 2006

Bank run for today was $2.58. The Hubster had to drive me as we boondocked over the washboard ice from the blizzard! We had to get out to take FrugalSon to work anyway. He missed yesterday and the day before that because of the snow. CashHappySon didn't work yesterday or today because of it as it is too far to drive in this ice!

The Hubster dug out from 8:00 a.m. to 11:50 yesterday morning in order to get his car out of the driveway and went in to work and left at 4:00. The day before it had taken him 1 hour and 45 minutes to get home from what is a normal 20 minute commute.

Okay, back to bank runs - I didn't get to do some during my brother's stay in hospital (8 days) so November came up a bit short.

The Bank Run money IS deposited every week when I can get it there (and haven't spent it on crappy hospital cafeteria food) and then moved the same day to Emigrant in a specially marked retirement account there where it resides until I decide WHERE I want to invest next.

Right now I'm closing in on close to $750.00 in this account and will probably pop it off to some other investment at that time depending on the interest rate climate at that time. This account is also fed by a line item in my personal budget each month.

December Bank Runs $2.58

Cummulative Bank Runs $30.20

Bank Run Challenge 11/11/06

November 11th, 2006 at 02:33 pm

Bank Run Challenge 11/11/06

Adding $2.56 to the Bank Run Challenge.

$2.52 balance
+2.56 11/11 deposited
$5.08 Nov MTD

Cummulative Total $27.62

Yesterday's Bank Run

November 5th, 2006 at 05:11 am

Yesterday's Bank Run

In between running kids here and there yesterday and helping Aurielle and Rduell make their 100 posts I made my weekly Saturday bank run. Depositing $2.52.

This is from my weekly allowance that I didn't spend and it is extra beyond what I put into my IRA on my own and beyond what The Hubster and I budget for my IRA. It is really never all that much because I don't take a big allowance, but every little bit towards retirement helps!

Nov MTD $2.52

beginning 8/23/06 and forward Cummulative Total $25.06

Bank Run - October 28, 2006

October 28th, 2006 at 10:22 am

Bank Run - October 28, 2006

Today's bank run was all in change.

6.42 balance
2.44 10/28
8.86 Oct MTD

When depositing FrugalSon's check the teller again made an error in the bank's favor of $100.00. This is about the gazillioneth time. Okay maybe 7 or 8. Will have to talk to the manager some time. It seems it's at the one branch, but not the other!

Sad Lil' Bitty Bank Run

October 21st, 2006 at 01:56 pm

Sad Lil' Bitty Bank Run

Made today's bank run this morning for a grand total of $1.40.


But, it's in there and not spent. I got spendy with my allowance yesterday at the garage sale or I'd of had that other $2.00 to add. Oh well, the stuff I bought except for froggie was for Christmas gifts. Moved the $1.40 on over to Emigrant as well today.

FrugalSon went along and deposited his last weeks paychecks from his two jobs.

As well as dollars building up however fast or slow I am continuing to build the bank savings habit in myself and my kids. I've done this for several years now.

So even if the amount is low the exercise of doing it is very rewarding longterm methinks!

$5.02 balance
+1.40 pittance
$6.42 Oct MTD

Bank Run Report 14 October 2006

October 14th, 2006 at 08:10 am

Bank Run Report 14 October 2006

Saturday, October 14, 2006 sees $2.52 added to the Bank Run Money! {read that as extra retirement savings.

10/06/06 2.50
10/14/06 2.52
MTD 5.02

Hot Rod Fever - Forever Young!!

October 7th, 2006 at 05:40 am

Hot Rod Fever - Forever Young!!

No, this is not about Rod Stewart!

Today FrugalSon is entering his truck in our church's block party Car Show! By joining in he will be entered in a drawing for a free set of tires. Hope the boy wins as he currently only has $9.50 saved for replacement tires. Plans to put more in savings but just isn't there yet. Doesn't need tires right away, but a FREE set would be great! Wish us luck - kid has been polishing & buffing like mad!

We are off early this morning to do a final wash, vacumn & polish before the Big Event! He doesn't ask to do much so even though sitting around a car show isn't MY idea of a good time we're doing it! Tickled that he is showing an interest in just doing something really! All the poor kid does is work, work, work!!

Because of this I made my Bank Run yesterday depositing $2.50 for my additional retirement savings.

10/07/06 $2.50

Bank Run Week 39

October 1st, 2006 at 06:34 am

Bank Run Week 39

Bank Run on 9/30/06 was for a deposit of $3.66. This is extra for retirement saved out of weekly allowance.

10.02 balance forward
+3.66 9/30/06
13.68 September Bank Runs

Bank Run Week 38

September 23rd, 2006 at 01:30 pm

Bank Run Week 38

This is week 38 of this years bank runs. On Saturdays I take my change leftover from the week's allowance and put it into my bank to be moved to Emigrant Direct in my own separate little retirement fund. From there it, upon occasion, goes out into the larger investment world to bring my dreams of a sunny beach retirement closer to reality.

This bank run money is over and above my automatic monthly contribution to my Spousal IRA.

$7.37 Sept MTD
+2.65 9/23/06
10.02 balance forward

Make That A Combo Please!

September 17th, 2006 at 07:02 am

Make That A Combo Please!

This week I did save $4.07 all together from my allowance combined and so I divided it.

$2.04 to the $20 Challenge and $2.03 went to the Bank Run yesterday.

23.11 balance
+2.04 combo
25.15 MTD

$5.34 balance
+2.03 9/16
$7.37 MTD

Just you wait, one of these days I'll SUPERSIZE my combo!!

I'll Allow That I Did Have Some Left Over

September 10th, 2006 at 02:25 pm

I'll Allow That I Did Have Some Left Over

And no, we're not talking meatloaf! From the allowance last week I had $3.30 left to take running to the bank. I did spend however yesterday as I ran The Hubster a RedHairedClownBurger & drink (bought with kids employee discount I paid $1.00) by his Dad's house while he cleaned out the last of the sheds. Realtor has sign up and keybox on the door! PROGRESS!!

My goal? Be the best depositor (at the very least frequency wise) that my bank has...shoot, I'd like to go every day like I used to many moons ago when I refunded all the time.

For now, it's a Saturday thing. Gets me out and about, trolling for free pens and scratchpads w/the bank logo and such you see! Kidding, just kidding...I'm a righteous drive thru babe. I get my pens like you do...I steal them from the grocery checkout girl! Big Grin

This is LuxLivingFrugalis reporting and that raps up the weekly Bank Run report! Now over to you Ted.

Saturday BANK RUNS
09/09/06 = $3.30
09/02/06 = $2.04
September $5.34 MTD

Bank Run rules - Money goes to fund this femaleself's retirement in mufflemum years! Income source = Leftover Allowance

Monitoring the Monitor

September 8th, 2006 at 03:22 pm

Monitoring the Monitor

Awhile back The Hubster went on a computer upgrading spending spree and liked to have given me a heart-attack!! We finally had to have a Come To Jesus Heart to Heart T.A.L.K.

Stop Spending Already!!!

Well, he trades. ALOT. If we were in the old west I'd be up to my hipwaders in horse hock-ey-tooey because he would have been a darned good horse trader.

So, really this isn't a complaint...he just does a bunch of it...a little finagle here, I can sell this there, add to it from here and viola we've got a whole new system hunnnnneyyyy! Yeah right!!

Of course. Sure you can dear.

Yes, he finally sold the old monitor & speakers the other day and was happily getting ready to toddle off with the moola when THE MONEY MONITOR (yours truly) rightly explained to him that...

So Sorry, those funds go back into the Emergency Fund from which I so kindly let you borrow them against all kinds of my better judgement!

Oh yeah, right, I had forgotten all about that! Un-huh, sure ya did...that's what I'm here for lambykins!!

The Monitor is always on duty!


Trust me I know how hard it can be. Back in the old days all you needed was a creepy lair and a hunchbacked assistant to watch your stashO'cash.

There is one monitor here that he'd like to have go on the fritz every now and then so to speak, if you KWIM?

TOO BAD, ain't happening Sweet Lips!!

So, that's why yesterday I had to make two bank runs...one to deposit working boys' paychecks and then off to our bank to return the goods ($160) to their hidey-hole! Leak Plugged!!

Thank you vera' much!!

Bob Bob the Bankerman

September 3rd, 2006 at 02:00 pm

Bob Bob the Bankerman

Forgot to report on Saturday's Bank Run.

09/02/06 deposited $2.04.

I can see that it's going to be a little difficult to come up w/money for both the Bank Run and the $20 Challenge, but I'm still going to try and do both.

Bob the Bankerman is my Dad's old banker that lived in his town about an hour away. Bob recently moved to my town and can now be my banker. Hi Bob! Glad to have you in town. Thankfully my Dad is no slacker in the money department and has a good relationship w/Bob so there is no need for head-hanging-in-shame! Thanks Dad!

Ran into Bob at the bank on Saturday. Living High on the Hog! Now I'm not saying, but do you think Bob looks a bit too much like a typical fat cat???

Well, frankly my dear...

Bob, my man, we have a walking track here in town, did anybody show you where it's located? There is such a limited time to say such a thing to a newcomer, isn't there?

BANK RUN CHALLENGE - This is something I've been doing for a long time. The money on the bank run goes into my Me Myself and I personal femalish self's retirement money. It's private, ya know?

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