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Tip - More About Homestead Exemption

October 1st, 2009 at 01:20 pm

Tip - More About Homestead Exemption

An FYI - in my county - they have a Senior Lock In Rate that hits when you are 65 on top of the normal homestead exemption that any homeowner qualifies for if it's their fulltime place of residence. BUT, you have to apply for it.

We aren't there yet - when Hubster hits 65 I'm going in for Locking It Down!!! Wooo-hooo!!

AND, I looked at it online again this morning and they also have a Homeowners Tax Refund if you make less than $12,000.00 a year.

Those of you over 65 might want to check your local county for something similar to the Lock-In Rates for Seniors.

And, those of you who are under the poverty limits yet are homeowners might want to see if you've got a chance at a refund on your house taxes in your county too!

Good luck everyone. Seems these things are different all over the country and even county to county so check in with your local tax assessor. Mine has a lovely website that I can check online. Yours might too! ...and these programs are not all that well advertised. Meaning, if you don't ask? They don't tell.

Let me know if you hit the jackpot with this tip!

Note: thanks to Gamecock for the reminder about this! Take note all you new homeowners - you might need to make a little bit of effort to get this discount on your house taxes.

Click here to understand MORE about what Homestead Exemption is all about.

1 Responses to “Tip - More About Homestead Exemption”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Our realtor was nice enough to tell us about our homestead exemption when we moved to this state 3 years ago. I came from a state that did not have it. I hadn't even heard of such a thing!!

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