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Day 363: Football Fever Hollaback!!

January 3rd, 2007 at 12:59 pm

Day 363: Football Fever

Only 363 days until 2008 and we have football fever here. No, not your everyday boob tube football fever, no tail-gate parties, no crisp air, hot cheerleader's kinda' fever.

Boring football fever.

Boring that is unless you have the dna of a fruggie. Gifted with the Frugalicious Gene (tm), that is.

Yesterday FrugalSon and I were cleaning out his room when we came upon some of the leftover boxes from when my FIL lived with us.

In there was one of those little plastic football shaped coin purses from the 60's and 70's like the one pictured above. This one was even decorated like a football and in it was .94 cents.

The Hubster says I can have it for the $20 Challenge. Thanks Pops!! I miss you!


!!TOUCHDOWN!! She scores!

$1.71 balance
+0.94 Pops was a team player
$2.65 Jan MTD

2007 Challenge YTD Total $2.65

Cummulative Total $128.76

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