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Dish Decisions

August 24th, 2006 at 05:36 pm

It's supper time and I'm not especialy hungry for anything here and there's nobody home but me. The pizza delivery number was looking interesting but all ya'll tough nuts were peeping over my shoulder so I went on a pantry dive.

What to fix cheap for myself and The Hubster when he gets home???

I wanted to make pancakes and have link sausage, but the pancakes always make my smoke alarm go off. So no, to that. I think okay I'll make muffins then. So I go to my pantry to see what kind of muffin mixes are in there. There are three kinds that I can see.

One uses Milk and Eggs, one uses just Milk and one just uses water. I opted for the water as being the least expensive to prepare.

Note each was inexpensive to begin with. I thought The Hubster would prefer a glass of milk to go with instead of hidden inside the muffins.

And the winners were:

Cinnamon Biscuit Mix .59 (I used a tablespoon more water than called for and baked it in the mini-muffin tin.

Owens link sausage .50

1 cup milk each .40 (milk was on sale this week

mandarin oranges .13

powdered sugar icing .10
Total 1.72 + tax

Eating 1 adult male + 1 adult female

Leftovers 4 mini-muffins and 1 serving of mandarin oranges (can was .25 on sale)

1 Responses to “Dish Decisions”

  1. Homebody Says:

    Yum! Cinnamon Swirl bisquits!

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